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'On the Day' 
wedding stationery

Your ‘on the day’ stationery plays a huge part in your wedding day

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Day stationery

Table plan, places names & much more…

Day stationery serves as a guide and itinerary to your guests; where to go, what to expect, what time certain things begin, where to sit…

Enter the importance of your day stationery on your wedding day.

Your day stationery also continues the theme you’ve created within your Invitations. It ties it all together and fills the venue with something beautiful.

Often an oversight, but for us; day stationery is imperative.

Day stationery gallery
It's all in the details

Let's figure out what you need

If you’ve been with us from the start of your stationery journey, the design and aesthetic side of your day stationery just naturally follows on.  All you have to do is send us the details and we do the rest.

If you’re joining us now, yes we have more work to do, but we welcome this opportunity to be a part of your wedding day! We’ll need a little more time, but it’s totally doable.

THE essentials

'On the Day' stationery must haves...

Table plan: your guests absolutely have to know clearly and comfortably where they are sitting for the wedding breakfast. 

Table names: Either simply number them, or maybe name each table after a precious memory, favourite songs… It’s up to you!

Place names: If you’ve agonised over who sits where and making sure each table has perfect harmony, don’t forget these!

Order of the day: Your guests will really appreciate this one; and a timeline of the day’s events means you won’t get pestered once (you can thank us for it later).

For all couples

LGBTQ+ & inclusive

Retro Press welcomes every kind of couple

wedding branding

Create your own wedding identity

The secret to great stationery is keeping it… well, in keeping.

Creating little, consistent design details that run through every element, along with colour palettes and typefaces, means you begin to create your own ‘look’.

This look becomes your wedding brand.

For instance, a bespoke monogram can feature on every piece of stationery, subtly and effortlessly and ties everything together.

Wedding day signage gallery
Your stationery team

Stationery made with love, skill & experience

The common denominator between Kate & Lauren is our mutual and shared love of all things stationery. 

That directly translates into how we approach your wedding stationery; everything has to be the best. 

From paper stocks to foil finishes, wax stamp colours and ribbon edges, every element is thoughtfully considered.

Nothing leaves the studio that isn’t checked and approved by both of us. Quality is our highest priority.

Tara & Gary
Elegant rich autumnal wedding
Aimee & Gordon
Rustic romance at a candle-lit wedding
Jo & Max
Contemporary noir design meets Cotswold wedding
Sam & Paul
Ibiza style & neon brights for a glamorous marquee wedding
Emma & Louis
Boho opulence in a fairy lit Cotswold barn
Heather & Adam
Travel inspired Cotswold wedding luxury
Our newlyweds

Time to get really inspired

Have a flick through just a few of our real wedding galleries to see just what we mean.

what to expect

Lets talk about budgets...

A big wedding party vs a small intimate ceremony will inevitably affect the cost of your day stationery. Add in the bespoke nature of your design and stationery production and it’s almost impossible for us to work to a set ‘price list’.

You also might want the essentials, or you might want everything!

So we’ve tried to accumulate some trends in couples over the years & put together some rough budget expectations below:


Bespoke design
x60 guests
Table plan
Order of the day
Table names
Place names

Budget £600+

Essentials +

Bespoke design
x60 guests
Table plan
Order of the day
Table names
Place names
Welcome sign

Budget £900+

All out

Bespoke design
x60 guests
Everything we could offer

Budget £1300+
Sound good so far?

We’d love to create your wedding stationery

Have an idea? Wondering if we can fit you in? Questions about budgets?

What our couples think

Don't just take our word for it; read our testimonials

Striving for absolute perfection is our goal for our couples here at Retro Press; we aim to please

"I can’t believe our wedding stationery journey is over… It felt like you were always there, cheering us on! Your personal touch definitely made me feel like I was your only customer – even though I know you are sooooo busy! So thank you for that and your attention to detail."
"All of our beautiful stationary was just absolute perfection - every single detail. Our entire day was everything we had dreamt of and more and I hope you know how happy we are that you played a part in making it so perfect!"
"Everything from our save the dates all the way through to our day stationary was just perfect! A well deserved 5 stars from me"
Frequently asked questions

Any burning questions?

See our list of FAQs for what we get asked the most, but if you have a question that you don’t see an answer to, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

No we don’t – and this is an important one. We cannot provide a proofreading service, nor are we responsible should you sign off on your artwork and upon receiving your stationery do you realise there’s a mistake and want it re printed. Sadly, copy writing and proofreading just isn’t in our remit.

Also, if we did offer this service, it would mean probably taking on 50% less jobs than we do now. So, that’s up to you guys! Sometimes helps to send it to someone with fresh eyes if you’re not confident with spelling and grammar.

Technically no, not everyone needs a menu. Especially if it’s a set menu, you could have a few per table? If it’s a choice menu, we would recommend a menu per person.

What about having named menus rather than separate place names and menus…

No way hosay! We can print on card, perspex, laser engrave onto wood, eco friendly corrugated materials… we’ve got lots of options.

For 70 guest and under, you’ll need an A2 table plan, anything over 70 guests you’ll need an A1 as otherwise the font size become too small and difficult to read. If it’s a mega wedding and you have over 120 gets, we might need A0 / multiple boards!