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Extra luxe touches & thank you cards

At Retro Press, we offer anything and everything to make your wedding stationary extra special. 

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Luxe additions for your stationery

Let's go all out...

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much, undoubtedly your stationery is going to be beautiful whatever the measure.

However, if the budget allows, adding a few of our options in the luxe department is inevitably going to take your stationery to another level.

Good design speaks for itself, but let’s face it, this is your wedding day and your stationery deserves to be as special as you and the day itself right?

Here at Retro Press we have an almost limitless amount of choice when it comes to adding that magic to your stationery.

It's all in the luxe details

Luxe extras come in all shapes, sizes, variations & finishes

When we say we have a vast array of finishes to add that ‘something special’ to your stationery, we aren’t joking.

From additions within the design like a bespoke monogram or a venue illustration, to then recreating this into a wax stamp or printing the venue in hot foil; the variations in the finish of the luxe extras alone are endless.

Then there’s the addition of details like hand dyed silk ribbons or printed belly bands to wrap around the invitations, gilt edges to your cards and envelope liners to create that wow factor straight away!

Finally little practical additions like printed named invitations and printed addressed envelopes for those messy hand writers out there.

This ones for all the magpies out there!

Same technique as hot foiling, just without the foil. A deep impression in the paper.

Hand drawn illustration of your wedding venue

Your initials made into your very own logo/wedding branding

The imperfect, perfect addition to your wedding stationery

Keep the details and rsvp cards close to the invitation with this luxe extra

An age-old technique that adds serious luxury to your stationery

The last step in our stationery journey, featuring you; the newly weds

Giving our luxe card stock that desired deckled edge feel

Making a statement before your guests have even seen the invitation

Add a monogram or date for the serious wow factor

Messy handwriting giving you the fear? Let us print them for you

Save yourselves stacks of time and get us to print your guests addresses

hot foiling

Hot foiled names, monograms & venues

Somewhat Retro’s specialty, foiling is the pinnacle of the extras. Hot foiling is a handmade, hand pressed, hot process involving a plate; that combined with a layer of foil, creates a debossed impression in the paper. 

Foil comes in metallic finishes and every colour of the rainbow. We can hot foil your names, a venue illustration, a bespoke monogram… actually the entire invite can be hot foiled, in multiple colours!

Wedding extras gallery
Bespoke illustration

Venue illustrations & bespoke table names

Adding hand drawn, bespoke illustrations to a part of your wedding stationery has become somewhat of a Retro Press trademark in the last few years. 

More and more we find it’s a staple addition that our couples really want to feature…whether thats a venue illustration, or bespoke table names for the big day.

It’s a seriously luxe addition, but in our humble opinion, totally worth it. 

Calligraphy & Wax stamps

Classic techniques with modern twists

Calligraphy is a beautiful and traditional form of hand lettering that’s almost rhythmic in nature.

Kate’s the calligraphy Queen here in the studio, perfecting her own style and enabling it to be added to several elements within your stationery suite. 

Wax stamps; think rich golds and silvers, or bright greens and pinks, and couple that with modern monogrammed initials.

This method is created completely by hand, from melting the wax to creating the wax impression. Perfect imperfection.

Tara & Gary
Elegant rich autumnal wedding
Aimee & Gordon
Rustic romance at a candle-lit wedding
Jo & Max
Contemporary noir design meets Cotswold wedding
Sam & Paul
Ibiza style & neon brights for a glamorous marquee wedding
Emma & Louis
Boho opulence in a fairy lit Cotswold barn
Heather & Adam
Travel inspired Cotswold wedding luxury
our couples

Seeing is believing...

Luxe extras can feature in every element of your wedding stationery.

And the rest

Envelope liners, vellum wraps, gilt edges & addressed envelopes...

The luxe extras list is pretty long, but all very worth considering. 

Gilt edging gives that subtle air of sophistication to your stationery. It’s delicate and understated and the colour options are endless.

Envelope liners create a sense of excitement and set the tone for what’s to come; it’s the perfect extra. It’s a total luxury, but one worth considering if you want that wow factor.

Printed invites & envelopes, the luxe extra for the messy hand writers out there. Getting us to digitally print names and addresses cut out masses of time for you and the room for human error. 

Vellum belly bands and hand dyed silk ribbon are just a few of the ways to finish off your wedding invitations. Both functional, and decorative; they’re a great way to hold the invite together in terms of your details and rsvp sheets. 

Thank you card gallery

Send us your favourite wedding snap and we’ll create a thank you card worthy of top spot your loved ones’ mantlepieces.

Extras making you feel extra?

They have that effect on people

Want to add half these luxe extras to your stationery? We’d love to hear from you

Frequently asked questions

Remembered something?

See if we’ve answered it in our FAQs, and if not, drop us an email and we’ll be glad to assist.

We most certainly can; we will make suggestions throughout the process that we feel will elevate your stationery to the max.

They vary greatly and are all dependent on quantities but we will do a detailed, itemised quote for you once you let us know what you like.

Ideally yes, especially if there’s a certain angle you would like us to capture. However, as long as google images has one, we’ll find it!

Nooooo. Just pop us an email after the wedding when you’re ready and we’ll get to work on these for you.

Absolutely! When all production relating to your wax stamp is complete, we will send this to you to treasure.