Here at Retro, we try to be as environmentally friendly and eco conscious as possible. Naturally, elements of our packaging involve plastics like bubble wrap for example. We’ve tried switching to cardboard and other forms of protective packaging but sadly nothing protects paper like bubble wrap!

However, we only use bubble wrap that we receive or collect from other deliveries; we don’t buy any packaging that isn’t a sustainable or recyclable product.

One thing that we’re particularly proud of is our recycling of our hot foil waste. We partnered up with Foil Co, and have entered into their ZeroFoil2Landfill scheme.

ZeroFoil2Landfill is a scheme in which they convert any foil waste into SRF, a replacement for fossil fuels. So we just fill up a box of our waste, and arrange for it to be collected.. it’s as simple and wonderful as that!



Naturally, pretty much everything that leaves our studio is made of paper! The main concern when it comes to paper is where the wood is sourced. ALL paper we use here at Retro Press are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC-C014189).

This means that they are made with, or contain, pulp that comes from FSC certified well-managed forests and other controlled sources, and follows a certified chain of custody that tracks the timber through every stage in the supply chain from the forest to the final user.

We recycle all paper waste and make sure that print set ups and first off print runs are always printed onto archived suites, so minimal paper waste at all times!

Lastly, when it come to the ‘On the Day’ stationery, this tends to include signage like large format boards.

This is something we outsource, however we vet any external suppliers and only work with printers that have the same sustainability promises as us. Typically our boards are printed onto a type of board made of ‘Foamex’, this is weather resistant and sturdy as these tend to need to be placed on easels or sat outside somewhere.

However, we are able to print onto a fully recyclable board. It’s 100% fibre-based, this wood pulp board is a great recyclable alternative to plastic materials. Its’ Eco-friendly and PVC free, which means we can promise you a plastic free wedding day… we think that’s pretty cool!

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