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Last minute custom wedding stationery

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Summer / Autumn 2024
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Bespoke design & print

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Here we’re talking about adding last minute custom stationery for weddings. Talk about how you can find creative solutions for both people who suddenly realise they need some finishing touches, but also peeps who have planned their wedding in the near future.

Include a minimum timeline, like turning around small batches of invites within 2 weeks, or table decor within 5 weeks.

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Day stationery gallery
It's all in the details

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This side is the general stuff you can create at short notice, like turning upgrading restaurant tables into totally personal, luxury wedding experiences. 

Those bullet points are the practical specific things you can do. Keep it succinct. 😉 


About the service

General description of the last minute service, be honest that whilst a short timeline does rule out some options – it doesn’t rule out the ability to have a totally unique and incredibly day chocka with personal touches.

Talk about how you understand people might be up against it, so that’s why you’re always at the opher end of the phone or email to help.

Your stationery team

Two nice ladies and a sausage dog

A nice bit about why Lauren and Kate love a last minute wedding, maybe it’s the rush or something.

Lean into how your small team means there’s always a personal service.

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The money section

A smaller money section than other pages, it might be useful to say if you take take on one-off statement pieces like an epic table plan through to a wedding’s worth of stationery.

Lean in to the nature that it massively depends on both the requirements and the timeline, but give a suggested minimum budget of even like, £150 if you can.

Tara & Gary
Elegant rich autumnal wedding
Aimee & Gordon
Rustic romance at a candle-lit wedding
Jo & Max
Contemporary noir design meets Cotswold wedding
Sam & Paul
Ibiza style & neon brights for a glamorous marquee wedding
Emma & Louis
Boho opulence in a fairy lit Cotswold barn
Heather & Adam
Travel inspired Cotswold wedding luxury
Our newlyweds

Time to get really inspired

Have a flick through just a few of our real wedding galleries to see just what we mean.

Sound good so far?

We’d love nothing more than to be a part of your wedding day

Have an idea, a vision or none of that at all? Wondering if we can accommodate you? Questions about budgets?

Frequently asked questions

Any burning questions?

See our list of FAQs for what we get asked the most, but if you have a question that you don’t see an answer to, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

No we don’t – and this is an important one. We cannot provide a proofreading service, nor are we responsible should you sign off on your artwork and upon receiving your stationery do you realise there’s a mistake and want it re printed. Sadly, copy writing and proofreading just isn’t in our remit.

Also, if we did offer this service, it would mean probably taking on 50% less jobs than we do now. So, that’s up to you guys! Sometimes helps to send it to someone with fresh eyes if you’re not confident with spelling and grammar.

Technically no, not everyone needs a menu. Especially if it’s a set menu, you could have a few per table? If it’s a choice menu, we would recommend a menu per person.

What about having named menus rather than separate place names and menus…

No way hosay! We can print on card, perspex, laser engrave onto wood, eco friendly corrugated materials… we’ve got lots of options.

For 70 guest and under, you’ll need an A2 table plan, anything over 70 guests you’ll need an A1 as otherwise the font size become too small and difficult to read. If it’s a mega wedding and you have over 120 gets, we might need A0 / multiple boards!