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5 Reasons to choose the Pocketfold Invitation Suite as your wedding stationery style

Here at Retro Press, we pride ourselves on the diversity and range that we offer in terms of both design and style.

We love working with our couples to design them something totally unique to them and something they’ll cherish forever. Cake will be eaten, flowers will wilt… but your stationery can be savoured forever and a keepsake for your guests to remember your big day by.



Without question – there’s one style that we offer that always seems to draw people in…

The pocketfold invitation suite.

And why is that?

Well, the reasons are endless. So, we thought we’d note our top 5 reasons as to why we think the pocketfold suite is so brilliant and the perfect style of wedding invitation, but more importantly; what we think you lovely readers and new clients should know about them.



1. The Pocketfold Invitation Suite is classic & modern, all at the same time

The Pocketfold invitation suite really is as it sounds; a folded, pocket or sleeve style outer luxe envelope that holds not just the wedding invitation, but details and RSVP cards typically. It’s so classic, without being overly fussy or traditional – it’s a modern take on the quintessential type of formal wedding invitation. It feels substantial when you hold it, its tactile and put simply, looks and feels expensive.


White modern pocketfold wedding invitation by Retro Press


2. The Pocketfold Invitation Suite is perfect for a wedding with lots of details for guests

This is probably the most practical reason – but also the best feature of the pocketfold invitation style.

Typically with a wedding invitation suite you have the main invitation, a details card and an RSVP card.

So where the practicality of the pocketfold invitation comes in is just how well both the style and design of the pocketfold enables you to contain lots of information and detail whist still maintaining that beautiful and stylish feel.

You can in theory hold up to 4 cards in the insert sleeve… so lots of room for 2 details’ cards, an order of the day and an RSVP!


This isn’t set though, and we’ve included hand drawn maps, order of the day, weekend guest passes and gift info to name just a few alternatives and options that could be included in a pocketfold invitation suite.

That’s what we mean when we say there are no rules or regulations as to what can be included – this is your big day after all so what’s included really is what YOU want.


3. You can add so many ‘Luxe’ extras to pocketfold invitation suites

Retro Press is known for ‘go big or go home’ … so our couples tend to make their pocketfold invites pretty extra – and by extra, we mean adding lots of Luxe extras to make them exceptional.

Extras include things like:


Hot foil is Retro Press’ ‘thing’…it’s what we’re known for and what 90% of our couples see as a ‘must have’ within their stationery. When it comes to pocketfold invitations, there’s so much you can do with hot foiling.

  • Names
  • Monograms
  • Venue illustration
  • Titles of the inserts
  • Date of the wedding on the pocketfold itself…


So many options and ways to take a simple and classic invitation to another level…




The nature of the pocketfold invitation suite is as it sounds- a folded sleeve or pocket, so technically there’s no way to close it shut. This is where people tend to opt for a special solution to this.. with a bespoke wax stamp in a colour in keeping with the suite.

  • Monogrammed initials
  • Your beloved pet
  • The date of the big day
  • Foliage
  • Heritage symbols…

The list is endless, and we both design and produce these for you, and you get to keep the bespoke wax stamp when we’re finished with it!




Now, I know it’s not the most glamorous of names, but it is a very elegant and efficient way to hold the pocketfold invitation suite closed whilst not just being functional…

  • Card belly bands
  • Vellum belly bands
  • Digitally printed
  • Hot foiled…


Again, need we say more in terms of options…



4. Colour and format of the pocketfold suite

Typically our couples opt for square pockefolds, but we can do rectangular, portrait or landscape, envelope style, and even custom specs if you want something really specific.
We haven’t even discussed the design; modern and simple, traditional and classic, calligraphy, scripture, serif or san serif typefaces…

What about colours?

There’s over 200 colours of pocketfolds to choose from, never mind the bespoke colour scheme we work into the design…


Racing green square pocketfold wedding invitation by Retro Press

colour samples and hot foiling by retro press


5. Your guests just pick it up and take it to the wedding

Finally, and succinctly – whether it be the eve of the wedding or morning of, your guests can just pick up the pocketfold invite and take it with them.
It’s got everything held together perfectly; times, places, addresses, locations, room numbers, dress code – everything your guests need to know, it’s all in one place.
No scrambling around look for loose sheets, no need for panic.

Simple. As. That. 


Sage green Pocketfold wedding invitation by Retro Press



And that’s that!

Those are our top 5 reasons as to why the pocketfold style suite is the perfect type of wedding invitation.
If you need more convincing you can head directly to our wedding invitation section of the website,
or if you want more details about our luxe extras, you can visit this page here too. 

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