Wedding Stationery for the Big Day Itself

Here at Retro, I do do everything... You will not find everything on my website however; like the day stationery for the wedding day itself for instance.

For almost every single invitation that you see on my website, I have done the day stationery to match it- I think this is important to have everything in keeping with your invitations, because these are what set the tone for the day so you need to continue with this theme and vibe. 

I can create and design anything that you need for the day; personalised napkins, wedding signs, tickets, tokens, stickers, tags and then everything else like the table plans, orders of service, table names, place names, menus, etc etc. 

Here is some wedding stationery that I did recently for a wedding out in Italy; you can see the olive inspired wreath design which runs throughout is heavily influenced from the location of this particular wedding. 

This package (like every other) was so fun to work on and I wish the happy couple all the best for the future.



Blush Pink & Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Here at Retro Press, anything and everything is possible. Come to me with your dream ideas and I will transform them into reality. I create anything from the most eccentric of invites to the more formal, traditional designs, like the ones in this post today....

The combination of gold foiling with blush pink makes for a real stunning end product and really sets the tone for the big day itself. And that's what it's all about- you need to send out the right kind of invite to match your day. For instance, these wouldn't be appropriate for a rustic affair- you would want to use brown kraft paper and such for an event like that.

I'm working on the day stationery at the moment and I can't wait to see it all come together as a package- it will be just beautiful. Note the gold foiled envelope liners- it's in these little touches that really W.O.W. your guests!

Summer/ Beach Themed Wedding Invitations.

H E L L O "Wedding Season"!! It's that time of the year in which is hugely popular to get married in and lots of my lovely brides and grooms who I have worked with are doing just that! It's all very exciting I must say!

With every invitation that I do, every single one is different and unique to the couple. I would like to think that I can accommodate all needs- whether you've got a special themed wedding or you have a distinct colour scheme in mind; if you want traditional or modern, the world is your oyster!

As the sun is shining today, I need to share these beach/ summer themed invitations with you... They are totally bespoke to the couple, quite modern, clean and fun. The Save the Dates I designed for them, gave their couples a hint of the seaside vibe, with stripes in the background to reflect a deckchair...

beach themed save the date

Then with the invitations, we wanted to be in keeping with the fun Save the Dates, but a little different. I designed a postcard for the RSVP's to reflect going on holiday, which was very apt for these invitations. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need help putting your ideas of your perfect invites into an actual invitation design.



Rose Gold and Navy Bespoke Wedding Invitations

This is definitely the year for rose gold- not just with wedding stationery, but you see it everywhere- lifestyle, home, jewellery, etc. I love it because it's luxurious, glamorous and timeless. It's complimented particularly well with marble, navy and greys- which coincidently are also very much popular colour ways at the moment. 

I have recently designed and created some beautiful wedding invitations for a couple which are rose gold and navy and classic looking. They are unique to the couple and set a very exquisite tone for the big day. I also designed a special one off card for the bride to send the Maid of Honour, which also matches the wedding invitations. Personal touches go a long way.


If you're looking for something similar, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Real Wedding at Clevedon Hall

One of my most favourite parts of my job is receiving post wedding pics from the bride and groom from their magical day. I love seeing how the invitations and day stationery that I designed for them is in keeping with the rest of their wedding; be it themes, colours or general vibe.

I don't often post many pics of the day stationery because out of situ, it's hard to imagine how they work and look. Designing a whole wedding package, for me, is a dream- I think it's important to carry on the theme of the invitations through to the big day itself; guests will relate to it and appreciate all those small touches.

I have been asked to design many a different stationery item for weddings, including tickets, napkins, tokens, to name a few. I want to share these pics with you (which the bride sent to me), to show you how everything translates to the wedding day itself. 

As you can see, Retro designed everything for Hollie and Chris; from their Save the Dates (coasters, no image), Invitations, favour tags, Table plan names, Table Plan and even fun quizzes to go on the tables for their guests to fill out. It's been a pleasure throughout and I can't wait to do their Thank You cards!

And now for the photo you've all been waiting for... A picture of the happy couple on their wedding day. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Miller and thank you SO much for using Retro Press to do your stationery!!

A Glorious Day at Upcote Barn Wedding Fayre

So the much anticipated Wedding Fayre at The Barn at Upcote happened yesterday... And it was fabulous!! We had great weather, an amazing turn out, lots of things to do, see and hear- it felt like a mini festival rather than a wedding fayre; there was food (provided by Mcbaile Catering), music and alcohol, what more could you wish for?! I met some wonderful suppliers and of course lots of lovely brides and grooms to be! I feel honoured to be associated with this venue and looking forward to much much more in the future. Enjoy the pics!

Behind the Scenes Preview Photo Shoot for Wedding Stationery

Well it's been a very productive weekend at Retro Press; what with so many new wedding invitation designs and products flying out the door, I felt it was necessary to get these photographed and out there for you all to see! I went to the Lake District where there is beautiful scenery, backdrops and just so places that compliment my stationery. It was all shot in this amazing Manor House with incredible surfaces, props and delights. Luckily the sun was shining for us, which meant lots of natural shots outside with great lighting too. Please have a look at the below images to get a little insight into the world behind the photographs- which I will be publishing on my website soon in time for a big relaunch.

Ornate Gold Foiled Wedding Invitations

Here at Retro Press, I do all kinds of wonderful invitations, from vintage to modern, traditional to themed... It all depends on YOUR big day, your wedding venue and your styling. The wedding suite- save the dates, invitations and thank you cards- strengthen bonds between couples and guests as they start setting the tone for the wedding months in advance. It's important to get it right.

In this post I want to highlight how I have designed the wedding invitations to reflect and emulate the elegance and stunning venue of Eastington Park (one of my partnered wedding venues). Please see some picture of this amazing establishment below:

Eastington Park has a very regal feel to it, what with it's ornate decoration on the internal, its beautiful staircases and just the overall vibe screams luxury and style. I have now done quite a few invitations for various couples getting married at this venue and all have been different but have got that glamour about them. The ones in this post are the most recent to date. 

As I hope that you'll agree, these are beautiful, gold, glamorous invitations to compliment and match Eastington Park. The gold foil is one of the most expensive finishes, but worth it. Make sure you add your unique touches to your wedding day with your invitations.

Pittville Pump Rooms Wedding Invitations

Being in based in the Cotswolds, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by lots of beautiful wedding venues. I have worked with many and designed many a bespoke wedding invitation for my couples. In this post, I want to show you some recent invitations done for a couple getting married at the glorious Pittville Pump Rooms. 

I feel like whatever place you choose to get married in, you're going to love the venue... So why not have it on the invitation. I think it makes it really rather special when your guests arrive and they can relate the whole day to the invitations; the invitations set a tone and vibe so it's important to get it right.

I love working on new drawings for venues, so if you like the idea of this, please do get in touch and let me relish in your invitations. These ones showcased in this post have been gold foiled and has a touch of blush pink running though out. These are quite modern invitation, where as I have done some more traditional ones for this venue, using the same hand drawn image of the building- it just depends on your wedding day and ultimately what you want.



Vintage themed Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is something that you think about after you've chosen your wedding venue. This is for a few reasons; you will need to know the kind of wedding you're going to have (and the venue definitely sets the tone for this) and you will also have a fixed date- all the information you need to do your invitations.

The vintage/ rustic theme is one of my most loved ones; there is so much you can do with it and you can make your whole day revolve around it and it will look so beautiful. It's important that this theme is in keeping with your venue- I personally think it suits barn type weddings/ marquee weddings and maybe not the grand hotel type weddings. I hope this makes sense! There are so many different things you can do on the day to tie this whole theme together; please have a look at some of the images below (taken from pinterest) to give you some inspiration.

Over the years, I have done many a bespoke vintage wedding invitation. Working with brown kraft paper is my favourite- it gives strong rustic vibes and looks fantastic. Twine, ribbon and cotton lace compliment this paper stock very nicely too. Have a look at some past vintage invitations that I have done below. Please do get in touch with your request, even if it's not indeed vintage! The Save the Date tags that you see in the first pic can be easily ordered on my website.


When it comes to sending out your Save the Dates, it might feel like a tricky one as you have yet to decide on a theme, wedding colours, flowers, etc. If like most, you would of chosen your wedding venue, your wedding date and you will just want to get this out to all of your lovely guests. This is why I have created a cute range of little tags that are inexpensive, varied and more generalised. 

With these tags, you can order them as they are (with your details of course)- I have designed bold ones, modern ones, more traditional ones, girly ones and some calendar type ones. You can change the wording to accommodate your needs, you can choose a different colour for them to be in printed in and you can even mix and match different styles... The choices are endless! Have a look at the below image and if you like what you see, please do have a look at some more designs in the range here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Modern Botanical Wedding Invitations

The green, modern and fresh theme definitely sets a beautiful, classic tone for your wedding day. If you look on pinterest or instagram, there's so much lovely imagery to get you inspired along these lines and vibes. 

botanical wedding inspiration

I recently designed and printed some bespoke invitations to compliment this whole natural theme. Everything is hand drawn and bespoke to the couple. It was a pleasure working on these and I just cannot wait to get stuck into the rest of the stationery for the wedding day itself.

Bespoke Fir Cone Inspired Wedding Invitations

Most of the jobs that I do here at Retro are bespoke to my clients. Brides to be come to me with their desired invitations, I make them into a reality and I just love it. Every single job is different and unique; whether it be something very modern or very traditional, there is never a dull moment!

These ones that I want to showcase in this post are some recent pocketfold wedding invitations which have the theme of fir cones running throughout them. The fir cone is hand drawn and then gold foiled onto the invites. The colours are the exact match to the couple's colours for the day... I think this is important to give your guests a little indication of what is to come for the wedding.

If you've got an idea of the kind of invitations you'd like but you can't seem to find them anywhere, please do get in touch and I will see what I can do for you.





Wedding Stationery for 2017

What I love about the wedding industry is that it is constantly changing, developing and it moves at such a fast pace... Which is why it's so important to stay on top of things, otherwise you may get left behind! I am constantly sourcing new materials, checking out Pinterest, looking around at fashion, graphics and people to get my new inspirations. I am being challenged everyday; with new & wonderful stationery requests, quick turn over demands, ensuring top quality on all of my finished products and a personal service that every bride to be deserves. 
With all of this in mind, I have a good comprehension of the wedding themes to come in 2017 and would love to share this with you. I strive for perfection and I want to ensure that I can fulfil all of your requests so don't hesitate to get in touch!





travel tag invites

Marble Wedding Invitations

When you think marble, you think luxurious, stylish, expensive, exquisite! This is probably why the marble theme is trending right now but I also believe that it won't date because it's so classic and established. 
I have been looking on Pinterest to get some inspiration for the decoration for the actual big day itself- it just all looks so beautiful and elegant to me...

As you can see, the marble colour goes very well with rose gold/ copper. Just imagine this on your invitations to match...! With everything in mind, I have designed an invitation that can be adapted to suit you (maybe a different font, wording, etc) and that can also be gold foiled- the names on this particular would be divine in rose gold. If you like what you see, please do get in touch, I'd love to help!

Wedding Invitation Wording

After designing and producing what seems like millions of invitations in the past, I have definitely seen lots of different ways to word your wedding invitations... It's all down to personal preference, the style of your wedding and a little bit of who's paying for them!

The traditional way is to invite your guests from your parents, but nowadays many couples invite their guests from themselves. Some couples prefer to have their whole names (including middle names) on the invitations, whilst some prefer to have just their forenames on the invites- it's totally down to you and what you want. 

When you sit down to do the wording, it might seem a bit daunting and overwhelming... I promise you, it's not... Have a look at the checklists I have created in order for you NOT to forget anything. Do it in stages and don't worry if you don't have some of the information- that can always be added at a later date. I hope you find the below helpful but if you do have any questions/ need any help with anything (like how to word information about gifts/ children, etc), be sure to get in touch.

Seaside Inspired Wedding Invitations

I know it's the middle of winter and we've got a snow storm a brewing... But lets not think about that right now- let me take you to the summer time with these recent customised invitations that I have just designed and produced. The theme of the wedding itself is: seaside, turquoise, shells and relaxed and this is what the bride wanted to reflect in the invitations. 

This is why I love my job- every single invitation design is different, unique and comes with it's own set of challenges... If you're struggling to find your perfect wedding stationery to match your special day, then look no further- anything is possible here at Retro Press! Just send me an email with your requests.


New Product Range Coming Soon: Bookmark Save the Dates

Here at Retro Press, I try to keep on top of all the latest trends and I'm always on the lookout for new inspirations. As well as offering the ultimate personal service and customer care, I also want to break boundaries, create new and exciting, different stationery items. 
I will be launching several different product ranges throughout the year. These will all be unique to Retro, so you won't find them anywhere else. One of the ranges that I'm working on at the moment is the Save the Date bookmarks! It's that time of year whereby I'm getting lots and lots of enquires through the door; there must of been a few festive engagements I'd say! So it's got me thinking naturally about Save the Dates; I already have a collection of Save the Date cards that you can order direct from my website and I also have Save the Date coasters- which are hugely popular too.  
From the very start, I believe that you need to set the tone for the day. Sending out a Save the Date bookmark is something different and memorable. There will be a choice of traditional and modern designs in the range because the bookmark definitely lends itself for either. Please have a sneak peek at one of our designs below and please do get in touch if you like what you see!



Planning Your Wedding Stationery

I understand that planning a wedding can be very stressful! There is so much to think about, but let give you some advice the stationery planning because this can seem quite complicated too, but I promise you, I will help!

After years of experience, I can tell you that it is important to get the venue and the date sorted first and foremost... This might seem obvious, but it's very easy to get carried away with themes, colours, flowers, cakes, decorations! Once you have this covered, the rest will follow in sync nicely and it'll be much easier to suss out your exact requirements. 

If you've booked a wedding date that is beyond eight months away, I'd suggest that you send out your first lot of stationery: Save the Dates. These don't have to have the venue on them (if you want to keep this as a surprise), but the location, date and your names (obviously!). There is no need to put any other details on them as this will come later on the actual invitations. These can be a prelude to your actual invitations in terms of style and look- I definitely believe that there should be some consistency throughout the design and feel to your stationery and ultimately big day.

I'd suggest to start thinking about your wedding invitations around 8-6 months before your wedding day. It's good to be organised and means that there is plenty of time to plan/ get rsvp's back etc. Also, if you are wanting a very complex design or gold foiling for instance, this will take longer to produce. Our turn around time varies on a few factors; the time of year, the design & finish of your invitations, the communication and whether you want a bespoke design or if you're ordering direct from our online Boutique Collection. If you come to me with an imminent and urgent request, of course I will do everything in my power to make it happen for you too.

And relax... Well in terms of the stationery for your wedding. This is a good time to get everything else sorted, like your cake, dresses, hen parties (!) and so on!

I'd recommend to get cracking with your stationery for the day about 2 months in advance of the big day. Hopefully by this stage, you'll know your order of service, how many confirmed guests, times and so forth. If push came to shove, I'd say come to me 1 month before the wedding at the latest- as there needs to be time for design, production and then delivery... EEEK! So this is all the items like: orders of service, table names, place names, table plan, menus, thank you cards.

Then bring on the wedding celebrations!! I hope this has been useful- please do get in touch if you've got any questions!