Wedding Inspiration: Blush Pink & Gold πŸ’•βœ¨

Blush pink & gold or rose gold is such a beautiful, elegant combination. It could be considered to be 'too feminine' when coming to choose a colour scheme for your Big Day, but gents, embrace it & just own that pink shirt! You just can't go wrong with this colour combo, it screams luxury, style & grace; have a look at some inspiration taken from Pinterest to get you thinking about what you could do in terms of decoration for the Wedding Day itself:

The beauty about these colours and theme, is that it will never go "out"; it's classic, yet you can make it as modern as you like. You won't look back on your Wedding Day in years to come and think, "God! What was I thinking!" And here at Retro Press, I have done many different styles of wedding stationery packages over the years to match the blush pinks & golds... and I have loved working on every single one. Each and every invitation I work on has it's own individual style and uniqueness to the couple in hand. It's important to reflect your Wedding in the Invitations you send out to your guests- from start to finish, you need your Wedding to stand out, make an impression and be personalised to you. Please have a look at a snippet of some of the stationery I have created in the past that relate to this luxurious theme. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your wonderful wedding ideas!

Personalised Christmas Cards & Invitations πŸŽ…πŸΌβ„οΈ


I don't mean to Alarm anybody... but it's only 77 days until Christmas! The fact of the matter is,  it's only 11 weeks away & that's going to FLY by. Time to get your Christmas caps on. Whether you're planning a Christmas Party at the office, a Christmas drinks soirΓ©e at the house or just some good old fashioned Christmas cards. Let's get organised.

As always here at Retro Press, I pride myself on unique and bespoke design... Christmas is no different and the options are vast. Just as my invitations come with many finishing options & styles; be it foiling, embellishment, paper stocks and sizes. You name it, I can do it. Safe to say my Christmas cards this year will be featuring my newest prized possession (Lewi the Sausage Dog, with a tiny little santa hat on). Yours can feature anything you want; a photograph, a famous family phrase or just something cute and Christmassy.

Get in touch for more info and let me take your stationery reindeer by the horns...

Wedding Inspiration: A Navy Affair πŸ’™

You can't go wrong with the classic wedding theme of Navy. It's such an elegant, strong colour that works with so many other colours; coral, white, rose gold, silver, gold, blush pink, burgundy, to name a few. When you match it with the right colour, Navy works in any season and along with any venue. Here are a few images from my Pinterest board, Navy Wedding Style ( to help you get inspired for the Big Day itself:

Over the past year, I have done designed quite a range of bespoke Navy inspired wedding invitations. They have all been different, with varied styles and finishes; it just depends on your wedding day and what matches you. Please see have a look and get in touch for your perfect design.



Wedding Inspiration: Green Foliage 🌿

In this past year, I have seen a significant rise in the desire for a more 'natural' wedding vibe, with lots of greens, creams and foliage taking precedent throughout the wedding. Whether you're going for a rustic feel or a classic one, this colour palette lends itself very nicely to both.

I've been having a look through Pinterest and have found some wonderful inspiration for when it comes to the Big Day itself and I very much enjoy all of it...

As I briefly touched upon in my opening paragraph, this colour way and feel of foliage works well with both a rustic wedding or a very classic/ traditional one. In terms of the wedding stationery to match, with the rustic feel, I would be tempted to add in a brown kraft element, along with twine, lace, etc. If you are going for a more traditional wedding, I would suggest that gold & rose gold work very well with this theme, or keep it quite simple and adding in a wreath/ some leaves as decoration.

Below are some past examples of where rustic meets foliage...

Please see below for some past stationery designed and produced here at Retro in which reflect  this gorgeous theme, but in a more classic style.

Personalised Thank You Cards πŸ’•

It's all in the personal touches that really makes you stand out from the rest. From the Save the Dates, Invitations, On the Day Stationery to the Thank You cards, I think it's important to keep consistency throughout and make everything unique to you; your guests will appreciate it and remember it too, which is what you want.

Whether you want your photos from the wedding day on your cards, or you want them to be in keeping with your invitation theme, having them designed professionally will make such a huge difference compared to having them done online for a number of reasons; 1. You get to see a digital proof that we can amend to make sure they are absolutely 110% perfect. 2. You can trust that they will be printed to the highest quality. 3. They will be produced on whatever card stock you require- pearlised, kraft, textured, etc... 4. You've got a lot more options in general and you're not restricted in any capacity- if you want gold foiling on them for instance... 5. You have the personal service and interaction that you can't get with the bigger companies that churn out cheap cards on a daily basis. 

Have a look at a selection of thank you cards I have designed in the past- theres a lot of variety because they are all bespoke as it just depends upon what you want and how you want to say thank you.

I normally work with clients from the start to the finish- which are the thank you cards- but in case I haven't, don't worry, I'd be very happy to help design your personalised cards, don't be afraid to get in touch. 


Hand-painted Watercolour & Rose Gold Wedding Suite

Here at Retro Press, I'd like to think that ANYTHING is possible- I get people coming to me with requests that I couldn't even dream up of. And I love it! I love the challenge and I love how every single client is different and unique- that's what it's all about.

This post shows a recent invitation suite, in which I designed their Invitations, Orders of Service, Name Place Cards and Table Plan- all with the same theme running through it; the hand-painted green watercolour being the most prominent feature. The couple wanted a hint of glamour, so we decided on this rose gold bunting to finish everything off. The personalised green wax stamp also sets a very elegant tone and I would always recommend having something like this on the envelopes, or personalised stickers alternatively (which are less expensive) - it's in the little touches that really make your stationery/ wedding stand out. 


Real Wedding at Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol

Here at Retro, I spend most my life in the studio, emailing, designing and packaging. The other 10% of my time is meeting my lovely clients and a lot of trips to the post office! When I've been working with a bride for months and usually from the very beginning, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to receive pictures from their wedding day and to see everything I have worked on in the studio come together and contribute in making it such a special day. 

So with this particular bride, the journey started with her bespoke wedding invitations- please see below. The theme was classic with a modern twist and sticking to the chosen colour scheme of Navy, Grey & Silver tones. The couple also wanted to relate the invitations to the glorious building, Ashton Court, in which they were getting married in- see image in the middle of invites.


I'm proud to show you some pictures below from the actual Big Day itself with all the wedding stationery in all it's glory. Thank you so much to Kirsten Butler, the Little Wedding Helper, who took all the photographs and who lovingly styled the whole event- find out more about Kirsten on my friends page. The stationery matches everything so well- the beautiful Ashton Court itself, the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses... just everything. A huge congratulations to Helen & Graeme on tying the knot πŸ’•
Retro Press designed and created: the Order of Ceremony cards, Table Plan, Menus, Name Tags, Table Cards and of course the invitations. It's been a pleasure from start to finish. Enjoy!

Bespoke Baby Prints πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’•

Here at Retro Press, I design & produce all kinds of bespoke stationery; wedding stationery mainly, but also business, home and baby stationery too. It’s easy enough to go online - Etsy or NOTHS (Not on the Highstreet) for example and order your stationery/ prints on here- it probably feels like they are personalised, because you get to change the colours/ names etc. For me, this is not personalised and it’s not bespoke; it’s computer automated and channelled to people who want to purchase goods quickly and easily.

I pride myself on giving you, the client, that personal service that you cant get anywhere else. I like to sit and listen to your ideas, your inspirations and everything that you love. I want to be part of making your Big Day extra special, the birth of your new little baby even more epic and/ or making sure that everyone knows that your business is the best in town. It’s important to mark specific events with something memorable- something that you will keep forever and cherish always.

Please have a look at the below; a set of celebratory baby prints for a lovely couple - who in fact had their wedding stationery done by Retro - so these prints are also in keeping with all of that. Thanks for the picture in situ – I always love to see the final product placement.

Whether I have designed your wedding stationery or not, let me design your personal stationery, whatever it may be- prints, thank you cards, homecards, etc. I just think having something that is totally unique to you really does make it personal and extra special. Get in touch with your enquiry.

Bespoke Wedding Invitations for The Barn at Upcote πŸ’’πŸ–Œ

It's been just over a year since Jo & Andrew opened the doors to the beautiful Barn at Upcote and since then I've been lucky enough to work closely alongside the venue. It's not just a Wedding Venue; they hold many different types of events there throughout the year, from corporate parties to charity galas - it's just a great place for any type of social gathering. Have a look at a few pics below (taken from their website) to give you an idea of the amazing setting up there...

I created the foundations of an invitation for the Barn which included a hand drawing of the beautiful building itself. I wanted to create an invitation that was reflective of the mood, feel and vibe of the place, which is that of a rustic yet elegant nature. The idea behind this initial invitation is to give you (the bride and groom to be) a starting point, inspiration and a uniqueness which you won't find anywhere else. You can stylise this invitation in many different ways; you could have a pocketfold invitation, a flat invitation or in the form of a travel tag. You can change the colours to match your wedding theme, you can add dashes of colour/ flowers to it, we can change the fonts (if you want more of a traditional feel, etc), print on different paper... Basically, the options are endless and I just want to make your life as easy as possible for you. Please have a look through some of the variations I have done over this last year. I'm very open to new challenges, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your dream invitation ideas to match this dream venue.

Why Pinterest is SO Great for Brides-To-Be πŸ‘°πŸ½πŸ’

pinterest love

So it's been revealed that a staggering 40 million people use Pinterest for Wedding Planning every single year (The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study)... How crazy is that?! I can totally believe this; one can just get lost in the world of Pinterest for hours upon hours, without even realising (I know I do)! It provides such a huge variety of inspirations from around the world - and of course not just for weddings - but I want to focus on why it is such a great tool for you Brides-to-be to use.

We have now entered a generation where by traditional values in weddings have been outweighed by the uniqueness and individuality of couples. People want to put their "stamp" on their Wedding Day, and quite rightly so - this will be up there with one of the most special of days in their lifetime. From the all important wedding invitations to the finer details like the candles on the tables at the wedding breakfast, couples want to infuse a piece of their personality & story into the day. 

Here's another quite funny fact about Pinterest (taken from the Daily Mail, so I'm not quite sure if it's true) :"70% Pinterest users have Wedding boards before they are even engaged!" 
But again, I can kind of believe it - the content on Pinterest is so rich and beautiful, I can totally see why people would save images, maybe with the hope that they'll come in use later down the line or maybe just because they find these things so inspirational in one way or another. 

So you've recently got engaged and you have no idea where to start?! Let me tell you that most couples begin their journey (if they haven't already!!), on Pinterest. You can just look for some ideas, inspirations and get a feel for what you like. Once you've established your venue and secured the date, you can then start pinning your ideas, creating different boards as you go and start bringing everything together for the Big Day. If my couples have a Pinterest board that relates to their wedding, it makes it a whole lot easier; I can really get a grasp of their colour scheme, what style they like and what route they're taking for their wedding. It's important for me to know all the finer details so I can then design something to match and in keeping with everything else. It's also great when couples come to me with other invitations that they have seen & pinned- I can't (and I won't) ever copy something like for like, but again, it's good to get a flavour for what kind of design they like. In the past, I have created tailored wedding boards for clients, which is another really helpful way of communicating as it's all imagery rather than words in an email/ conversation.

Not only is Pinterest up-to-date with all the latest wedding trends, but it always seems to be ahead of the game too, which is why it's also fab for people that work within the industry, like myself, to be active on it. It is hard to stay on top of all social media platforms, but I do think it's important to check in with all them and especially Pinterest. I personally like to see "what's hot and what's not" as I want to be creating new & exciting things all the time. It's a great way of exposing & sharing my work with the world. Have a look at my Retro Press board here. Here's sneak preview below...



The Wedding Flowers Meets The Wedding Stationery πŸŒΈπŸ’•

A great day was had by all; myself from Retro Press, Jo from Aqua Flowers and Kate from Little Cheltenham. Upon meeting Jo at a Wedding Fair (at Upcode Barn) & seeing her floristry skills and beautiful arrangements, I just knew that our Wedding services/products would go hand in hand very nicely. The aim of this shoot, which was wonderfully crafted, directed and shot by Kate, was to show you how the initial stages of planning, i.e. the wedding invitations, should match up with the theme and vibe of the Wedding Day itself and all that goes with it, like the flowers and other such decorations. It's so pleasing to see how everything links together and how different fields within the same industry really do compliment each other. 

The photoshoot was done at Aqua's amazing studio, up at Manor Farm - which is set in the most idyllic of surroundings in the middle of the Cotswolds. There were so many great backdrops to choose from, including the luxury of being right next to the cutest little church ever... It was all just so perfect. It was a great day for a Spring/ Summer shoot and I just can't wait for the Autumn/ Winter one now. Here's a few pics of behind the scenes.


We wanted the set of final images to SHOW OFF all aspects of design; the flowers themselves, the stationery items and the photography skills.... It was an absolute JOY to work with both of these suppliers and I couldn't recommend either of them enough - please check out my friends page to find out more about them.

Your Wedding Stationery Checklist πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’•

When it comes to wedding planning, it can get stressful... There's so much to organise; things to book, people to speak to, venues to look at, cakes to try (not all that bad), etc etc. Don't let it overwhelm you- do it step by step, make lists, share the job load and be ahead of the game. Go with suppliers that really know their field, that are personable and confident in what they do- it'll give you the reassurance and peace of mind that you'll need.

In terms of wedding stationery, I know that I can definitely help you with all of this, so that's one less thing to worry about! I like to stay in touch with all of my clients throughout the whole process, making sure that everything is on track and nothing gets left to the last minute- I like to minimise the wedding stress levels as much as I possibly can. 

  • With some couples, I'm with them from their Save the Dates... I would recommend sending these out 8-12 months before the wedding- if your wedding is abroad, I'd advise to get them out as soon as you can as people like to book time off work, book their flights, etc. 
  • Next are the wedding invitations themselves, or for some people, this is the first thing (if you're not doing Save the Dates). I recommend sending these out 4-6 months before the wedding and to start planning/ thinking about them around 8 months before the wedding. For your invites, you need to think about the info sheets that accompany the day invitations, along with the rsvp slips and then the separate evening invites (if you need them).
  • Receiving all your rsvp cards is the next exciting stage... I would definitely suggest creating a spreadsheet for this to record everything in- especially if you've given your guests food options.
  • About 2-3 months before the wedding, you need to start thinking about the stationery for on the day itself. This includes: 
    - Orders of Service
    - Menu cards
    - Place names
    - Table names
    - Seating plan
    - Signage for the day (welcome sign for example)
    - Anything you can think of; tokens, stickers, tags for favours, etc.

A Floral Affair; Bespoke Wedding Stationery for Clearwell Castle

There's nothing better/ more satisfying for me than working closely with a couple, right from the start of their journey (from when they basically got engaged), up until the end (the start of their beginning); the actual wedding day. I love receiving pictures- and not just of my stationery but of the bride and groom themselves!

The wedding stationery in this post was all done for a couple who have literally just tied the knot. From the rustic/ floral invitations, to the thank you favour tags, to the table names and everything in between, I love it all. I have done quite a few stationery suits for Clearwell Castle now and each and every one has been so different- it just depends upon your theme, your colours and your big day. These have been great fun and I can't wait to do the thank you cards to finish everything off. Congratulations to Sinead & Tom!!

Travel Tag Rustic Invitation

The travel tag inspired invitation is definitely one of the most popular styles that I do- it's different and unique to Retro Press; it was the very first invitation that I ever designed in fact!

There are so many designs that I can apply to this style of invite; you can make them rustic/ vintage using kraft paper and twine or you can make them quite classical on white beautiful paper, finished off with ribbon... Like the pocketfold invitation, the travel tag is more of a format- the overall look and feel of them depends upon what tone you want to set for your big day.

The wedding invites in this post definitely have a rustic feel, with the addition of the cockerel at the top only enhancing this- which was a specific request from the bride & groom to be. 

It's so important to set the right tone from your invitations- these are just perfect for this particular couple as they are having their marriage celebration on their farm. The hand printed letterpress coasters went with the invitations also.

Wedding Invitations from the Kids

Here at Retro, every single invitation that goes out the door is unique to the couple. I get all sorts of requests and create such a different array of stuff- I LOVE it! Whether you're wanting something very traditional or ultra modern, you've found the right place...

The invitation in this post is quite a different one; the couple wanted to use an image that their child had hand drawn for them- super cute!! I worked around this image to create something that had the right tone, was fun and playful. I just love how personalised these are to the couple...

Wine theme inspired Wedding Stationery

This whole wedding stationery suite was designed around the theme of wine/bottles; the couples Save the Dates that they sent out were personalised corks. They had set the tone from the start!

I designed the logo for them, which was a combination of their names- you will see this throughout the stationery items also. 

Everything you see is personalised- even the menus are individually printed to match the guests food choices.

The table names were all named after a type of wine and the design reflects the label from a bottle.

For the Orders of Service, I hand drew the image of the Church that they are getting married in, which is on the front as you can see.

I loved working on all of this stationery, including the invitations which I did a while back now. It's always fun to work on such large projects as you can really get your teeth stuck into them and as a package, it all looks wonderful!

Get in touch if you'd like any help with your stationery.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

The pocketfold wedding invitation is one of the many different formats that we do here at Retro Press. I wouldn't call it a 'style' of invitation, but its more of a function because you can make it into whatever style you like; classic/traditional, rustic, clean or modern; depending on your type of wedding.

Pocketfold invitations are basically sturdy envelopes that contain your invitation and other info/ rsvp slip, thus they are great for containing lots of information and keeping it in one place. You can have different sizes; DL, square or rectangular; again this depends upon personal preference. There are many different outer 'fastening' techniques for them; from belly bands, to twine, to ribbon and a tag, to a wax seal- all of which we do in house at Retro. You can have gold leaf foiling on them or digital printing. 

This type of invitation is quite expensive to produce in relation to just opting for the flat invitation- the pocketfold envelope is custom ordered in for you (depending on what colour you want- there is a huge variety, almost any colour available), they need to be hand put together; every fold needs creasing, sticking and securing, and then there's all the printed luxury paper that goes inside it to account for.

Have a look at some past bespoke pocketfold invitations to get you inspired for yours... Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

rustic pocketfold invitation

Rustic Pocketfold

classic pocketfold invitation

Classic Style

art deco invite

Art Deco Bronze Foiled

modern design

Modern Design

rustic pocketfold

Twine & Tag Detailing

pocketfold invitation

Ribbon & Tag Detailing

wax stamp invite

Wax Stamp Finish

pocketfold invitation

Belly Band

Blush Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

This time of year is crazy busy with so much day stationery to design and produce- I just LOVE it! I try and update my blog as much as humanly possible, but it's not as high on my priority list as the jobs in hand, so I do apologise about that because I want you to see absolutely everything that goes out the studio as it's such a variety of stuff- no one job is ever the same.

What I love most about doing the day stationery is the random requests I get asked to do- from personalised signage, to 'do not disturb' door hangers, to stickers, to tokens and of course the norm (table names, table plan, place names, menus, orders of service etc). 

Most couples want to match their day stationery with their wedding invitations- even if it is slightly different, it will definitely be in keeping with the invites. Have a look at a recent package I did for a couple who recently tied the knot... My best wishes and congratulations go out to you!

Bespoke Wedding Stationery Package

Imagine what Santa feels like in the run the up to Christmas... With all his little elves working their magic and everything being packaged up beautifully, all in time for delivery- absolute chaos! Well, this is what it feels like here at Retro; I'm just in a different season, my clientele is slightly older and I don't have as many elves! It is indeed... ALL GO!

I love designing all the stationery items for the wedding day itself- there's nothing better than seeing a complete, whole package, especially when it all matches. It's these finer details that will not go unnoticed by your guests; it's that personal touch in which they will be wowed. As I always say, the invitations should set the tone and vibe for the wedding, and in turn, the stationery that you see on the day should be reflective of this too and help to create the atmosphere that you originally intended. 

Some people decide that they want to go a little off-piste with their on-the-day stationery and make it a little different to their invitations- which is also fine, as I can do anything here- there are no restrictions; your day should be just as you want it. Even if I haven't designed your invitations, I  can still design anything you need me to.

Please take a look at the pics below, in which I'm showing off a recent wedding stationery package- from the invitations to the table plan, it was a pleasure from the start to finish. Congrats Jenny & Ross! 

Wedding Stationery for the Big Day Itself

Here at Retro, I do do everything... You will not find everything on my website however; like the day stationery for the wedding day itself for instance.

For almost every single invitation that you see on my website, I have done the day stationery to match it- I think this is important to have everything in keeping with your invitations, because these are what set the tone for the day so you need to continue with this theme and vibe. 

I can create and design anything that you need for the day; personalised napkins, wedding signs, tickets, tokens, stickers, tags and then everything else like the table plans, orders of service, table names, place names, menus, etc etc. 

Here is some wedding stationery that I did recently for a wedding out in Italy; you can see the olive inspired wreath design which runs throughout is heavily influenced from the location of this particular wedding. 

This package (like every other) was so fun to work on and I wish the happy couple all the best for the future.