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Your Wedding Stationery Checklist 👍🏽💕

When it comes to wedding planning, it can get stressful... There's so much to organise; things to book, people to speak to, venues to look at, cakes to try (not all that bad), etc etc. Don't let it overwhelm you- do it step by step, make lists, share the job load and be ahead of the game. Go with suppliers that really know their field, that are personable and confident in what they do- it'll give you the reassurance and peace of mind that you'll need.

In terms of wedding stationery, I know that I can definitely help you with all of this, so that's one less thing to worry about! I like to stay in touch with all of my clients throughout the whole process, making sure that everything is on track and nothing gets left to the last minute- I like to minimise the wedding stress levels as much as I possibly can. 

  • With some couples, I'm with them from their Save the Dates... I would recommend sending these out 8-12 months before the wedding- if your wedding is abroad, I'd advise to get them out as soon as you can as people like to book time off work, book their flights, etc. 
  • Next are the wedding invitations themselves, or for some people, this is the first thing (if you're not doing Save the Dates). I recommend sending these out 4-6 months before the wedding and to start planning/ thinking about them around 8 months before the wedding. For your invites, you need to think about the info sheets that accompany the day invitations, along with the rsvp slips and then the separate evening invites (if you need them).
  • Receiving all your rsvp cards is the next exciting stage... I would definitely suggest creating a spreadsheet for this to record everything in- especially if you've given your guests food options.
  • About 2-3 months before the wedding, you need to start thinking about the stationery for on the day itself. This includes: 
    - Orders of Service
    - Menu cards
    - Place names
    - Table names
    - Seating plan
    - Signage for the day (welcome sign for example)
    - Anything you can think of; tokens, stickers, tags for favours, etc.

A Floral Affair; Bespoke Wedding Stationery for Clearwell Castle

There's nothing better/ more satisfying for me than working closely with a couple, right from the start of their journey (from when they basically got engaged), up until the end (the start of their beginning); the actual wedding day. I love receiving pictures- and not just of my stationery but of the bride and groom themselves!

The wedding stationery in this post was all done for a couple who have literally just tied the knot. From the rustic/ floral invitations, to the thank you favour tags, to the table names and everything in between, I love it all. I have done quite a few stationery suits for Clearwell Castle now and each and every one has been so different- it just depends upon your theme, your colours and your big day. These have been great fun and I can't wait to do the thank you cards to finish everything off. Congratulations to Sinead & Tom!!

Personalised Wedding Prints

There is nothing like something personalised, especially when it comes your wedding day. I think it just makes everything that little bit special. We do absolutely everything you can think of here at Retro, from the stationery before the day, the stationery for the day and stationery after the big day. This includes custom designed wedding prints.

Even if you haven't had your stationery designed with us, we'd still love to do this for you. Wedding prints are a great wedding present- whether you're the bride or groom giving it to your other half or it's a present to the couple from a guest. It's sentimental value will outshine any other gift- it's thoughtful and unique. We can design it to match the stationery itself or totally different, it's up to you. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more and have a look at the latest prints we have done below.




Letterpress Wedding Posters!

It's the little touches that make all the difference on the big day. Whether it be the flowers on the table or the personalised wedding favours- these wonderful things enhance that special atmosphere of the wedding. Definitely.

We've done quite a lot of wedding posters in the past, some directional, some welcoming ones, some just for fun! But it all adds to it and they are also great 'momentos' to keep for after the day itself. Here are just a few pics below from the actual wedding day:

These were bespoke jobs, so made specifically for those couples. If you would like to find out more about getting your very own posters made, please get in touch- we'd love to get involved and help out! We've also got some posters already designed, printed and up for grabs! Who doesn't love that famous 'letterpress hand' anyway?! Please have a look at the below images and don't hesitate to get in touch if you want one!

Hen Party Inspiration Cheltenham!!

Want to do something a little different for your hen party? Something fun filled, creative and worth while...? You've come to the right place!! Come and get all inky, inspired and do some letterpress printing!!

Based in the heart of Cheltenham, our letterpress studio is situated in Tivoli, just a few strides away from the nearest pub and 5 minutes walking distance to the trendy area of Montpellier. 

Come and print your very own stationery, whether it be posters for the day, table tags, coasters, favours, personalised sweet bags- anything! It doesn't even have to be related to the big wedding day itself, the studio is your oyster!! 

The Details:

- This unique hen party runs for 2-3 hours, depending upon numbers (10 maximum).

- Glass of bubbly upon arrival. Mandatory!! 

- Get in touch for prices- discounts given to groups over 5 persons.

- These run on Saturday mornings and afternoons, just pick your slot- send me an email with preferred dates, times and quantities!

We also do D.I.Y wedding invitation sessions too, so please check this out if you want to design and make your own stationery. This differs to the hen party sessions as it is more specific to making your wedding invitations and will most likely need a whole day, if not more!

Have a look at the below images to see what kind of 'stuff' you can do... Wahhooooooo!!!

Cotswold Weddings!!

I believe that I'm very lucky to be living in the heart of the Cotswolds, where A LOT of wedding action happens! It's a great place for a wedding, whether you're originally from this area or are coming from outside... It's surrounded by lusheous green countryside, beautiful spas and hotels and a whole host of great suppliers. All found in once place- perfect!

So after the wedding venue is booked, it's time to get the word out there! After doing much wedding stationery for couples, I've established some recommended timelines in term of wedding stationery...

Save the Dates: to be sent out anything between 1 year to 8 months prior to the big day.

The Invitations: to be received by the guests at least 3 months before the wedding day. This gives them a chance to RSVP, make arrangements and book it off. This gives you the chance to finalise numbers without panicing 1 month before- you'll have enough to worry about!

Orders of Service, table tags, other stationery for the day: In terms of design and production, this normally comes at a later date to the invitations. It's good to have these things a little in advance however, then you can see if you've got everything covered and all sorted. 

Bespoke thank you cards- obviously you will want these after your wedding day, but again, to cut stresses, it's best to get these done before with everything else.

So if you need any of the above products, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We tailor design and print all our stationery to suits the couple's needs so anything is possible!! Have a look at some snippets of our past stationery below and enjoy :) If you want to see more, check out our website.

The Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair Bristol Zoo

I was lucky enough to take part in the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, held at the fabulous Bristol Zoo last weekend. It was such a great event with many wonderful stands there, entertainment and a brilliant bunch of couples! If you're after something a little different for your wedding day, then this fair had it all, from vintage photo booths to 1920's inspired jewellery. You could of sourced your whole wedding from this fair in one clean sweep! I met some great people, including both exhibitors and browsers, so I thought I'd share some pics from the day to maybe help inspire you also. Thanks so much for having me Ali- looking forward to the next one!!

Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair March 8th 2015

Calling all brides and grooms in the Southwest, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath areas... The Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair is coming up, SUNDAY 8TH MARCH 2015. I'm lucky enough to have a stand here exhibiting some retro/ vintage wedding stationery, with prints for sale on the day and other goodies! I'm dead excited to be at this show, along with many other talented and fantastic stands. It's vintage inspired and will be perfect for those of you who are looking for something a bit different and unique for your wedding day. For more information, see poster below or go to visit their blog. I look forward to seeing you there hopefully!!

D.I.Y. Wedding Invitations Cotswolds

Are you thinking of doing your own wedding invitations? Do you need a little help? Do you dream of having those perfect wedding invites but just not sure how to go about it? Or don't have the space/ facilities to go about it? Why not come to my studio at Retro Press and let's crack em' together.

I can help you as much or as little as you want and you will have access to all the letterpress equipment in the studio. You don't even have to use letterpress but it is something exclusive that we can offer to you. 

D.I.Y. weddings are getting very popular in today's age for a number of reasons: 

1. Cutting down on costs (as we all know that it's an expensive business)

2. You want to make it as personal and memorable experience as possible- it's one of the most significant times in one's life

3. You have an inner creative streak just screaming to be let out and you have a very clear vision of what you want

And I totally concur! Which is why I'm offering this unique opportunity and service to come and do your wedding stationery here at Retro.

I am very flexible in terms of days and times and I understand that many of you work through the week so a Saturday would be a perfect time to book in... You're more than welcome to bring a friend (or 2) along, your hubby/ wife to be, or come alone, it's totally up to you. There are no restrictions in terms of quantities- we shall discuss what you want to do before the appointed day and see what the realistic possibilites are... We can do it over 2 days if necessary. 

If you want to find out more in terms of costs, etc, please go straight to our website and get in touch. We can't wait to hear from ya! 

A pink PINK wedding!

Who doesn't love a pink wedding...!

This bold fluorescent vibe is really taking off in the wedding world, which is great because it totally matches the style and feel to the wedding stationery I do here at Retro Press. It is also very hard and expensive to reach this colour through digital printing, hence why you should go for the letterpress option every time!

I thought I'd give you a little preview of the wedding stuff I've already designed and printed in fluro pink in the past, as Retro Press is coming together with the wonderful Kirsten from The Little Wedding Helper to do a little bridal shower photo shoot... How exciting!! It's got a great theme to it (I don't want to give too much away yet!) and I've got no doubt that Kirsten has got a few other surprises up her sleeve too! Watch. This. Space...!

Below are a few images of some previous letterpress wedding stationery all of which was designed and printed here at Retro Press. Including bride and groom tags (which can be easily purchased on Retro's online store), an order of service, a wedding poster and a whole wedding package, including the Save the Date, invitation itself, separate RSVP slip and thank you cards- all printed in this lush neon pink colour.

After speaking with Kirsten, I decided to print more neon pink letterpress goodies for the shoot. One of my ideas was a Save the Date postcard, which you can see below and also be purchased at All you have to do is let me know the specifics and vwallahhhh, you have yourselves some personalised letterpressed Save the Date postcards!

I'm dead excited about being part of this bridal shower shoot with Kirsten and of course I shall share it with you once it's all out there :) In the meantime, have a look at Kirsten's awesome website, and get in touch with me if anything 'catches your eye' and you fancy a bit of fluro in your life/ wedding!!

Hump Day!

Well this is a term that I learnt whilst I was out in Nashville doing my internship at the famous Hatch Show Print. So I thought I'd make this a themed weekly post... Hump Day. God bless you Americans! These might be slightly random posts, maybe an account of my day here at the studio or indeed a post on elephants (my fave animal), totally relevant! But I thought that this would be a good way of making sure I remember to blog, keep up to date with stuff and just fun in general!

It'd only be right therefore, that this post be a brief summary on my time at Hatch Show Print- yes the best, oldest letterpress workshop in the world for sure.

It is here that I fell head over heels in love with the whole letterpress process. Even though I did a little letterpress on my Graphic Design degree course, I mostly learnt everything there at Hatch. It was an intense 3 month internship, 9- 5 every Monday- Friday and then we got given the privilege to print our own stuff on the weekends too!! Totally amazing!! Whilst I was there, there were posters being produced left right and centre and flying out the door for bands and artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Adele, Hall & Oats, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Bob Seger, TV on The Radio, to mention a few. I personally designed and printed jobs for the likes of Glen Campbell, Kenny G and Willie Nelson... How cool?! All of this stuff was letterpress printed, the good ole' fashioned way! The place itself (even though it has now moved locations- which I have visited) is just magical; there's just this buzz about it with a huge sense of authority and nostalgia to it.

Above are some pics of the place, some type and the team beavering away. Below are some pics of the posters produced whilst I was there....

As you can see, it is just an awesome place filled with letterpress goodness, in which I never wanted to leave. But I had to (insert violins). Soooo, upon my return to the UK, I decided that this is all I wanted to do; eat, sleep, breathe letterpress and try and emulate a similar vibe and success to that of Hatch Show Print. Thus, Retro Press was born! If you're interested, you can read a little more about Reto on the website.

So this is a little section of my letterpress studio, in the heart of the Cotswold's, a little different to Nashville... And yes it is a shrine to Hatch! But hey, it was the best experience of my life and has made a heavy impact on what I'm doing today so this makes me very happy every single day! 

Below is one final image... This one's for you Jenny!

This is an image of the first poster that myself and Jenny designed and printed together and had absolutely free reigns of, yey hah! A letterpress wedding invitation poster- what a great way of sending something out that's a bit different to the norm and so very striking too! To date, I still haven't had the pleasure of designing one of these for a couple, but I'd absolutely embrace it if I had the chance to... So if you know of anyone looking for a personalised wedding poster, don't hesitate to put them in touch!

Well, this post is definitely longer than I was intending it to be, but I find it easy to get carried away when talking about Hatch! But hey, thank you guys for everything and until next Hump Day.... :)

The Retro Letterpress Shop

My very first blog post on my very new blog! So I thought I'd start it off with sharing the latest thing going on here at Retro Press... The shop is now online, making it an easier way of ordering letterpress stationery, no faff, lots of thrills, no frills.

Looking to have that vintage, rustic wedding? Why not complete it with the stationery to match! Currently in stock, we have personalised prints and posters, wedding save the date coasters, Mr & Mrs tags, Bride and Groom tags, thank you cards and even letterpress workshop vouchers!

I'm now in the process of designing a collection of letterpress wedding invitation templates. These will include a mixture of styles and designs, from the luggage tag invite to a postcard style invite. The wedding stationery designed here at Retro will always be in their unique, vintage style, no messing, I hope you like! Please have a look at