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Brown Kraft Wedding Stationery 🏷💕

The Brown Kraft Travel Tag is definitely one of my favourite styles of invitations. It's different, unique and enhances the rustic feel to your wedding. The design is unrestricted in the sense that you can go for something very modern (as in this post) or very traditional; the options are endless.

This blog post features the bespoke invitations for a couple who recently tied the knot along with their other on the day stationery items; their Place Names and Orders of Services. I also created their Table Plan and Table Numbers to match. 

Lyn & Tim were had their reception at Prescott Speed Hill Climb, so they wanted all of their stationery to be themed around the iconic old racing cars. As you can see, everything is in keeping and all looked wonderful! It's in the little touches of detail that make all the difference.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your ideas for your invitations, I'm always excited to take on new challenges and new designs!

Wedding Fair at The Barn at Upcote 💕

Taking part in The Upcote Wedding Fair is definitely a highlight of mine! The team that run the show and venue, Hannah, Jo & Andrew are just wonderful. They put on such a great event for all involved; suppliers and guests alike; there's so much to see, so many friendly faces and just a great atmosphere all round. I absolutely love it! 
It's a great opportunity, not only to showcase my work, but its also a chance to meet lots of excited newly engaged couples. I think it's important when providing such a personal service to try and meet my clients face to face- this isn't always possible, but I like to do so when I can.
If you haven't yet chosen your venue and you're looking to get married in the beautiful Cotswolds, in an idyllic setting, in a barn type venue, then look no further. Go and see Hannah and the team for a look around and I'm sure you'll fall in love with Upcote just as much as I did upon my first viewing.
Have a look at a few pics below, including Wedding Cakes from the wonderful Claire at Cake Daydreams along with Wedding Flowers from the marvellous Jo from Aqua Flowers.
Thanks for having us, already looking forward to the Autumn fair! xx

Bespoke Wedding Invitations for The Barn at Upcote 💒🖌

It's been just over a year since Jo & Andrew opened the doors to the beautiful Barn at Upcote and since then I've been lucky enough to work closely alongside the venue. It's not just a Wedding Venue; they hold many different types of events there throughout the year, from corporate parties to charity galas - it's just a great place for any type of social gathering. Have a look at a few pics below (taken from their website) to give you an idea of the amazing setting up there...

I created the foundations of an invitation for the Barn which included a hand drawing of the beautiful building itself. I wanted to create an invitation that was reflective of the mood, feel and vibe of the place, which is that of a rustic yet elegant nature. The idea behind this initial invitation is to give you (the bride and groom to be) a starting point, inspiration and a uniqueness which you won't find anywhere else. You can stylise this invitation in many different ways; you could have a pocketfold invitation, a flat invitation or in the form of a travel tag. You can change the colours to match your wedding theme, you can add dashes of colour/ flowers to it, we can change the fonts (if you want more of a traditional feel, etc), print on different paper... Basically, the options are endless and I just want to make your life as easy as possible for you. Please have a look through some of the variations I have done over this last year. I'm very open to new challenges, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your dream invitation ideas to match this dream venue.

Travel Tag Rustic Invitation

The travel tag inspired invitation is definitely one of the most popular styles that I do- it's different and unique to Retro Press; it was the very first invitation that I ever designed in fact!

There are so many designs that I can apply to this style of invite; you can make them rustic/ vintage using kraft paper and twine or you can make them quite classical on white beautiful paper, finished off with ribbon... Like the pocketfold invitation, the travel tag is more of a format- the overall look and feel of them depends upon what tone you want to set for your big day.

The wedding invites in this post definitely have a rustic feel, with the addition of the cockerel at the top only enhancing this- which was a specific request from the bride & groom to be. 

It's so important to set the right tone from your invitations- these are just perfect for this particular couple as they are having their marriage celebration on their farm. The hand printed letterpress coasters went with the invitations also.

Real Wedding at Clevedon Hall

One of my most favourite parts of my job is receiving post wedding pics from the bride and groom from their magical day. I love seeing how the invitations and day stationery that I designed for them is in keeping with the rest of their wedding; be it themes, colours or general vibe.

I don't often post many pics of the day stationery because out of situ, it's hard to imagine how they work and look. Designing a whole wedding package, for me, is a dream- I think it's important to carry on the theme of the invitations through to the big day itself; guests will relate to it and appreciate all those small touches.

I have been asked to design many a different stationery item for weddings, including tickets, napkins, tokens, to name a few. I want to share these pics with you (which the bride sent to me), to show you how everything translates to the wedding day itself. 

As you can see, Retro designed everything for Hollie and Chris; from their Save the Dates (coasters, no image), Invitations, favour tags, Table plan names, Table Plan and even fun quizzes to go on the tables for their guests to fill out. It's been a pleasure throughout and I can't wait to do their Thank You cards!

And now for the photo you've all been waiting for... A picture of the happy couple on their wedding day. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Miller and thank you SO much for using Retro Press to do your stationery!!

Wedding Stationery for 2017

What I love about the wedding industry is that it is constantly changing, developing and it moves at such a fast pace... Which is why it's so important to stay on top of things, otherwise you may get left behind! I am constantly sourcing new materials, checking out Pinterest, looking around at fashion, graphics and people to get my new inspirations. I am being challenged everyday; with new & wonderful stationery requests, quick turn over demands, ensuring top quality on all of my finished products and a personal service that every bride to be deserves. 
With all of this in mind, I have a good comprehension of the wedding themes to come in 2017 and would love to share this with you. I strive for perfection and I want to ensure that I can fulfil all of your requests so don't hesitate to get in touch!





travel tag invites

Upcote Barn Wedding Invitations

So Retro Press has been lucky enough to team up with the wonderful, most idyllic venue; The Barn at Upcote. It is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds and boasts the most fantastic views, surroundings and atmosphere. As soon as I had visited the Barn and met the fantastic couple, Jo & Andrew who run it, I already had a design in mind for some wedding invitations to match and hopefully capture the essence and vibe of the place.

Being that this venue is a converted barn on a very rural landscape, rustic/ vintage styled stationery is the perfect way to reflect this... Think kraft paper, twine and an overall informal yet classic feel. I hand drew an image of the barn which appears at the top of the invitations. I think to have the venue of where you're going to get married on the actual invitations gives them a personal touch and gives your guests an idea to the vibe of the day and it is nice for them to envision the setting. I have designed 2 different styles of invites for this venue; one being the classic pocketfold and the other, a take on the beautiful luggage label. Both styles are great ways of containing lots of information in which you would like to send out to your guests. The colours that I have used are based on the logo of Upcote Barn as I wanted to have some consistency running throughout. Anyway, take a look for yourselves...

If you are getting married at this fantastic venue, please get in touch if you'd like more details about your wedding stationery... The invitations can be tailor made towards you, so we can change the colours, change the wording and even change the font- anything is possible! 

Travel Tag Invitations from the Boutique Collection

Due to popular demand, you can now order your bespoke travel tag wedding invitations "off- the- peg" as it were! These are just great invitations for many reasons; they look amazing, they are a bit different and unique and they are work really well in terms of containing lots of information- you can have as many separate sheets as you wish and they are all beautifully tied together with either ribbon, string or twine.


These are quite modern wedding invitations but the styles can be altered to make them more traditional if you wish. You can order these by going to the Boutique Collection on the website. They are still very much personalised to you as we change the colours, wording and paper stock to match your wants and needs for your big day. Please get in touch if you'd like a free sample.

Swallow Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The rustic style of wedding invitations is forever on the surge. They suit the barn type weddings and remember that the invitations really do set the tone for the whole day. They give your guests an indication of what type of event it's going to be. This is why it is so important to get them right.

The invitations that I want to showcase to you in this blog post are of that nature; vintage/ rustic. Using a combination of finishes; the actual invitation was letterpress printed on kraft paper, to give that 'stamp' like quality. As every single invite was hand printed, not one is exactly the same. That's the beauty of letterpress printing. The info and RSVP sheets were digitally printed on white textured paper. As you can see, they are held together by string. There is the option to have ribbon or twine with these type of invitations. If I had to put these into a category, I would say that these are travel tag invitations, which are great ways in themselves of containing all the bits of information together. 

If you'd like your very own custom wedding invitations designing, you've come to the right place... Please get in touch for more details.

Cruise Ticket Wedding Invitations

As you can probably see from our website, we do many different varied designs all the time. From modern to traditional, anything is possible at Retro Press. 
I recently designed and produced some cruise ticket wedding invitations. The couple wanted them to be totally unique and fun... There are two types of invitations for this particular job; one was for the actual cruise and the other one being for the 'land' invite.

I was inspired by the nautical elements of the cruise, hence using a bespoke anchor design with the couple's initials as a symbol recognised throughout the stationery.

So if you're looking for your very own personalised wedding invitations, you have landed on the right page! Please do get in touch with your weird and wonderful ideas and hopefully I can turn them into a reality for you.

For the Rustic Affair

Living in the Cotswolds, we are surrounded by many 'barn' type, rural landscapes and these are becoming ever so more popular for wedding events.

One of my designs in the Boutique Collection range was inspired by this whole theme, feel and vibe; Lapsang Souchang. 

As you can I had these printed on the wonderful kraft paper, although we can print these onto other paper stocks if you'd prefer. I wanted these to be classy yet fun and different. Inspired by the classic luggage label. If you want to create that true rustic feel to your day, these invitations will set the tone very nicely. I also do the matching stationery for the actual day too- so whether you need table signs, orders of service, etc, this can all be designed in the same style. The colours and wording can be adapted to suit your very special day.

Wedding Fonts

Getting the right wedding font is very important as this is what determines the style of your wedding invitation. We thought we'd make life a little bit easier for you and separate a few fonts into categories for you; traditional, modern and the 'letterpress look'. Of course we have many more fonts and if there is a particular one you have in mind, we can easily get hold of it for you.

For more information on getting your bespoke wedding invitations, please go to our website. There are many many different options.

The Luggage Tag Wedding Invitation

The luggage or travel tag wedding invitation is probably the most popular style we do here at Retro Press. Why you might ask? Well, I think it's for a number of reasons. 

They are great because first and foremost they are a little bit different from the norm, thus making them unique products in themselves. 

The luggage tag is a fantastic way of having lots of information tied together in a creative way. I have designed one invitation in which had 4 'pages' to it; the invitation itself being the first, the menu second, other relevant info third (accommodation, travel, gifts) and the RSVP last. It's also nice to a 'cover page' with just the couples names on the front. Once the RSVP slip has been returned, all other pages can be held together and not lost, as this can easily happen with loose bits of paper.

It's easy to match the colour scheme of the wedding with the invitations also; adding different coloured ribbon and of course the print.

The travel tag style could be thought of as quite vintage and yes this is certainly true; we can print them on the brown kraft paper no problem and also design them in a more 'vintage/ rustic way'. See the below image as an example:

... But you can also go with a more 'formal' look and feel; the format of the invitations doesn't dictate the style, the design does. To give you an idea of a more 'traditional' style, have a look at the mock up invite below:

So whether you want more of a classic looking invitation or modern, I would highly recommend the luggage/ travel tag style for your wedding invitations. Please do get in touch if you want anymore info, I'd love to design yours!

Bespoke Party Invitations

As well as wedding stationery, business stationery and such, we also do personalised party invitations. A birthday party is as good an excuse as any to go all out! So why not make it that even more special with your very own bespoke invites?! 

I'm sure everyone remembers being at school and receiving those fun, brightly coloured invites that you used to excitedly take home to mum and get her to help you to cut off the end and fill in to return the next day! And don't get me started on party bags....!!! But for me, there is still something so incredible about receiving an actual invitation, be it formal or not. It's like receiving a postcard I suppose- there has been thought and effort behind it. It is much much easier nowadays to Facebook someone, send a group invite, etc, granted... But is it memorable? Start as you mean to go on I say :)

So ideas for invites...

1. You go F U N and something a little different... Beer matts. These are great for obviously pub/ bar venues. They are small, contained, thus you won't be wanting too much info on them. They are sturdy, thus not easily thrown away/ lost. 

2. You need a little more info for your guests, you want a RSVP slip, etc... The travel invite, tied together with ribbon/ string. These are easy to take apart, fill in relevant info and send back to you. Keeping it a nice succinct invite with it altogether. Still very fun, contemporary and unique.

3. Go traditional, something a little more formal. If you're feeling really swanky, go gold foiled; truly classy, a little bit more expensive however. But in any case, keep to a more 'structured' style of invitation, maybe including a picture, an image of your venue or a motif...

So as you can see, so many options! Please do get in touch if you want any quotes/ have any questions, we'd love to help make your event something to remember (and in a good way!)