save the date coasters

Gold Foiled Save the Date Wedding Coasters

We design and print many letterpress Save the Date coasters here at Retro Press. They are an absolutely fabulous way of sending out something a little bit different, fun and unique. We have quite a big collection on our website, which we can customise especially to you. The coasters come with matching envelopes so you can easily send them out to your guests.
These particular coasters that are being showcased in this post have been individually letterpress and gold foiled printed. The shiny heart combines very nicely with the vintage stamp like finish of the letterpress writing and we are very excited to do some more like this. Please do get in touch if you like what you see!

Letterpress Wedding Coasters

So on the website there is a selection of different template wedding coasters for you to choose from. These are digital designs of the finished products which are letterpress printed. The letterpress finish is very distinct and naturally has that lovely textured feel to it. 

When choosing the template design that you like, bear in mind that you can choose the colour of your choice to match your wedding day. You can also tweak the wording/ add text if needs be. To give you an idea of a finished letterpress coaster, please see below an image of the template displayed on my website (style: Sarah), and then below it an image of some finished coasters printed for a lovely bride to be.

These letterpress coasters, I think, are great and unique ways of sending out your Save the Dates. They are memorable, hard to loose and unusual. 

We also do bespoke wedding coasters, so if you've got a particular vision in mind, please do get in touch to see what we can do for you. If you've already got something designed yourselves, we are will be very happy to print them for you. We've also done wedding coasters as invitations, place names and table names in the past so they are very versatile. If you'd like some samples, just ask!

Eat Drink & be Married Wedding Coasters

You will find a coaster page on our website... There we have a wide variety of different designs to choose from. They are digital versions of the actual end products which are all individually letterpress printed, which brings them to life and gives them this quality unobtainable via digital processes. We thought it would be good for you to see what we mean, so please see below the digital version and then a photograph of the printed version. You can also choose the colour way to suit your occasion.

Save the Date Wedding Coasters

So we have a selection of different coaster designs to chose from on our website... But if none of them take your fancy, we are very happy to do a bespoke design for you. The options are endless. We are constantly designing new coasters all the time, so even if you take one as a starting point, that'll work nicely. 

The digital version you see online isn't the exact representation of what the real coasters will look like. This is because each and every one is individually hand printed letterpress. They have a texture about them and a quality unachievable via digital printing. Some coasters may be more heavily inked than others and some may be really faded. This is the beauty of letterpress; it's never perfect. To show you an example of this, a recent bride really like the overall design of 'Jessica', but wanted the font from 'Martha' as the 'Save the Date' font.... See digital versions below.

Thus, we designed a digital proof for the bride and once approved we got into the studio to print the final letterpress coasters. Please see below. We hope you love as much as we do :) To find out more please visit our website.

letterpress wedding save the date coaster

Bespoke Boxing Poster style Wedding Stationery

Here at Retro, we embrace all sorts of different requests and always love to do something different- which we do day in, day out, it's great. We do a wide variety of stationery, from traditional to modern and everything in between. A recent job that we have just completed was to design and print some personalised Save The Date 'boxing' style coasters.

To give you a little insight into the process... The bride to be sent us a few images that she'd seen and liked the style of, please see below.

Our job was to then translate this into a bespoke design using the wording that the bride provided. We designed it digitally and sent off the proof. This was approved and so we sent off for a letterpress plate to be made, please see below.

Once we had established the correct colour, which was hand mixed incidentally, we hand printed each and every coaster. Have a look at the finished product... Very happy with these and I hope the couple were too!! 

How to Order your Personalised Letterpressed Coasters

We have designed a range of coasters with lots of variety for you to choose from. We've got the very traditional styled designs, to the more modern and bolder styles. After working with many clients over the years, we thought it was a good idea to have some template designs in which you can adjust to make your own. We do a whole range of different colours, so you may really like one design, for instance 'Louise', but want in bright yellow to match your colour scheme. We want to make things as easy as possible for you whilst still being bespoke and personal. There are no quantity restraints so anything is possible. We aim to add three new designs a month, whether it be Save the Dates, thank you or 'Eat, drink & be married' coasters. 

The digital designs that you see online will be translated into beautiful, hand crafted letterpress coasters. Each and every one is individually hand printed. The images below give you a little idea of the process.

Have a look at the below images to see some examples of the final products.

All the Save the Dates and Thank you coasters come with envelopes to match. The eat, drink and be married coasters as well as the advice coasters come without envelopes. Please have a look at the rest of our designs on our website. If you particularly love a particular design but want to change the wording slightly, this is not a problem, just let us know in the order form. We are also very happy to design your coasters from scratch, just get in touch with your ideas/ what you want. 

Retro Press Promo Vid!

Photographs are a great way of telling a story, but videos are even better! Hence why I've put together a short promo vid displaying some recent wedding invitations done here at Retro Press. Please stop to have a little look and hopefully enjoy!! If you have any questions, like anything you see and want to get in touch... Don't hesitate, drop me an email at

Bespoke Letterpress Wedding Coasters

Bespoke letterpress wedding coasters are so great for so many different reasons and uses. Here at Retro Press, we have designed and printed the actual wedding invitations themselves on coasters, lots of Save the Dates, thank you cards/ coasters, place settings for guests and the lastest example I want to show to you is table names, to be displayed in the middle of the wedding tables.

This was a really fun job for me as I had the freedom to design them however I thought apt. The brief: to design and print 15 different coasters with the 15 different named pubs (which the bride provided) on them. They had to be double sided, with boarders and using both square and circular mats. Please have a look at the below!

If you're interested in getting your very own personalised wedding coasters for your special day/ event, please don't hesitate to get in touch, I'd love to help! 

The Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair Bristol Zoo

I was lucky enough to take part in the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, held at the fabulous Bristol Zoo last weekend. It was such a great event with many wonderful stands there, entertainment and a brilliant bunch of couples! If you're after something a little different for your wedding day, then this fair had it all, from vintage photo booths to 1920's inspired jewellery. You could of sourced your whole wedding from this fair in one clean sweep! I met some great people, including both exhibitors and browsers, so I thought I'd share some pics from the day to maybe help inspire you also. Thanks so much for having me Ali- looking forward to the next one!!

Real Wedding Cotswolds

You've just gotta love a good wedding, whether you're the bride, an emotional relation, a fun loving guest or the entertainment. There's just nothing better! So I thought I'd share one of my all time favourites with you, in which I was honoured to do all of the stationery for... 
Just sit back and enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed doing this job!


As you can see, Mark and Char's colour was predominately navy blue, with dashes of petrol blues, greys, creams and greens. The brief was to make the invitations look a little quirky but keeping some parts traditional at the same time- like the text you'll find on the inside. I designed and letterpress printed the wedding invitations first with separate day and night ones. The rest of the stationery was based around these, in keeping with the modern theme. They decided to go for coasters as name tags because their wedding had a bit of a country Cornish theme (see pie!), so they fitted in very well next to the pork scratchings and nuts on the tables! 

All in all, from start to finish, I had an amazing time and here's to Mark and Char (and their little one on the way!)


The Bridal Dress: Simply Bridal, Cheltenham

Wedding Car: Nostalgia Wedding Cars

Groom suit and ushers: Marks & Spencer

Bridesmaid Dresses: Coast

Flowers: Heather Peacey, Charlton Kings (she also did the mother of the bride's flowers on her wedding day!)

Cake: Bride's grandma Mo!

D.I.Y. Wedding Invitations Cotswolds

Are you thinking of doing your own wedding invitations? Do you need a little help? Do you dream of having those perfect wedding invites but just not sure how to go about it? Or don't have the space/ facilities to go about it? Why not come to my studio at Retro Press and let's crack em' together.

I can help you as much or as little as you want and you will have access to all the letterpress equipment in the studio. You don't even have to use letterpress but it is something exclusive that we can offer to you. 

D.I.Y. weddings are getting very popular in today's age for a number of reasons: 

1. Cutting down on costs (as we all know that it's an expensive business)

2. You want to make it as personal and memorable experience as possible- it's one of the most significant times in one's life

3. You have an inner creative streak just screaming to be let out and you have a very clear vision of what you want

And I totally concur! Which is why I'm offering this unique opportunity and service to come and do your wedding stationery here at Retro.

I am very flexible in terms of days and times and I understand that many of you work through the week so a Saturday would be a perfect time to book in... You're more than welcome to bring a friend (or 2) along, your hubby/ wife to be, or come alone, it's totally up to you. There are no restrictions in terms of quantities- we shall discuss what you want to do before the appointed day and see what the realistic possibilites are... We can do it over 2 days if necessary. 

If you want to find out more in terms of costs, etc, please go straight to our website and get in touch. We can't wait to hear from ya! 

Bespoke Wedding Coasters

Wedding coasters... What a fantastic and different way of sending out your message for that special day.
Here at Retro Press we design and print many bespoke wedding coasters for couples- from Save the Dates, Name place mats, table decorations, thank you cards and of course the actual invitations themselves.... the possibilities are endless!! The other great thing about having coasters as stationery items is that they are real sturdy products, making a great 'impression' and they are also beautiful momentos for the day too. To give you some idea of what sort of thing we can create- be it on square or circle matts- check out the images below, in which they are all totally personalised.

As you can see, there are no limitations, even if you wanted a more traditional type of coaster. I've had a play around with some more designs (see below), which you can use for inspiration or a template. I like to keep things fun and unique so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your proposed idea.

Hump Day

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet but as promised (ok I might of missed a few), here is my hump day post!!

I thought I'd take a few pics throughout my day to show you the kind of stuff I get up to on a general bases, but as you can see it is very varied! Which is why I love what I do!

So I've been printing proof prints of Save the Date wedding coasters for a couple, which I must get off in the post! These letterpress coasters go down a storm and are such a great way of sending out something a little bit different.

It's also been quite a festive day as you can see! Totally getting in the spirit of things and printing a range of 4 different letterpress cards for one client- brief was to keep traditional, so red/ gold was the colour of choice and beautiful, classic imagery and type. Separate to that job, I started printing the inside of some christmas cards for the wonderful Graphic Design company, Jolly Good Design, Cheltenham. These have been designed in house by Laurel and so I've had the plates made and letterpress printing them in the burnt orange colour to match their branding! Can't wait till their done!! And I have also letterpressed my own christmas cards for Retro Press! 

All in a day's work and I've been in letterpress heaven I must say! If you're after anything personalised or have got something specific you want to be letterpressed/ designed- (maybe a letterpress print for a special person for christmas?!) don't hesitate to get in touch, I'd love to help!

Get absolutely personalised with Retro.

I think that there is nothing more important than having totally unique wedding stationery to match your perfect day.

You may be asking, but can you get anything designed with us? And letterpress printed also? Why of course!! We have no bounds, limitations or restrictions here at Retro Press... If you want your invitations to be printed on fabric, wood, heavy weight card or even as light weight as bible paper, all is possible!

If you want the actual church that you are getting wed in to be on the front of your invitations, then you will have... Have a look at the images below. The lovely thing about getting a bespoke letterpress plate made for you is that you get to keep it after we've used it to print your stationery. Many people have framed them, but you can do as you please with them. As you can, this particular couple had a print of the church made after the invitations with the date of their wedding underneath. It's something that they'll keep and remember for ever.

If it's a photograph that you want printing and incorporated within the design then this is a great and fun option. With the example you'll see below, the photograph was digitally printed and the type was letterpress printed. They also had those coasters done to plant around on the tables for the guests to use and take away that night.

Some people may want specific motifs, family crests or logos incorporated into the design, which is yet another way of making your wedding invitations that bit different and bespoke. As you can see from the below coaster, the couple really wanted the Henley Brewery logo on their Save the Dates, so we had a letterpress plate especially made and used our own type and bells to compliment this.

And lastly I want to show you a proof design which we didn't take to print in the end as it wasn't quite right- but this is why I do proofs and only print the lot until the invitations are spot on and I'm definitely willing to do some trial and error before getting there- it's part of the fun!! But for this particular mock up, the couple thought that they wanted the New York skyline on their Save the Dates. Thus, I designed and printed the text letterpress and traced and then drew the NY skyline digitally. I took a picture of the printed coaster and photoshoped the image in to give the clients a good idea of what they'd look like when printed. I do think they look really cool, but there was a worry that the guests might of thought that the wedding was in New York itself- so we scrapped that idea and went back to the drawing board!! Watch the space with those....!

So if you're after that specific something to go onto your wedding invitations, you've been desperately trawling the web to find it, then look no further! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I'll see what I can do for you, no problems.

A pink PINK wedding!

Who doesn't love a pink wedding...!

This bold fluorescent vibe is really taking off in the wedding world, which is great because it totally matches the style and feel to the wedding stationery I do here at Retro Press. It is also very hard and expensive to reach this colour through digital printing, hence why you should go for the letterpress option every time!

I thought I'd give you a little preview of the wedding stuff I've already designed and printed in fluro pink in the past, as Retro Press is coming together with the wonderful Kirsten from The Little Wedding Helper to do a little bridal shower photo shoot... How exciting!! It's got a great theme to it (I don't want to give too much away yet!) and I've got no doubt that Kirsten has got a few other surprises up her sleeve too! Watch. This. Space...!

Below are a few images of some previous letterpress wedding stationery all of which was designed and printed here at Retro Press. Including bride and groom tags (which can be easily purchased on Retro's online store), an order of service, a wedding poster and a whole wedding package, including the Save the Date, invitation itself, separate RSVP slip and thank you cards- all printed in this lush neon pink colour.

After speaking with Kirsten, I decided to print more neon pink letterpress goodies for the shoot. One of my ideas was a Save the Date postcard, which you can see below and also be purchased at All you have to do is let me know the specifics and vwallahhhh, you have yourselves some personalised letterpressed Save the Date postcards!

I'm dead excited about being part of this bridal shower shoot with Kirsten and of course I shall share it with you once it's all out there :) In the meantime, have a look at Kirsten's awesome website, and get in touch with me if anything 'catches your eye' and you fancy a bit of fluro in your life/ wedding!!

Cotswold Bride Magazine & Lucy Davenport Photography

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lucy Davenport for photographing my wedding invitations & coasters and including them in a shoot that she did for the Cotswold Bride magazine... Not only was it a huge honour to be asked by Lucy, but the photo's look fantastic too! Have a look at the spreads below.

As you can see, all the photo's look amazing (see close ups below)! And hey, if you need a photographer for that big day, look no further- Lucy's great, easy and efficient to work with so go on,  check out her website:

The Retro Letterpress Shop

My very first blog post on my very new blog! So I thought I'd start it off with sharing the latest thing going on here at Retro Press... The shop is now online, making it an easier way of ordering letterpress stationery, no faff, lots of thrills, no frills.

Looking to have that vintage, rustic wedding? Why not complete it with the stationery to match! Currently in stock, we have personalised prints and posters, wedding save the date coasters, Mr & Mrs tags, Bride and Groom tags, thank you cards and even letterpress workshop vouchers!

I'm now in the process of designing a collection of letterpress wedding invitation templates. These will include a mixture of styles and designs, from the luggage tag invite to a postcard style invite. The wedding stationery designed here at Retro will always be in their unique, vintage style, no messing, I hope you like! Please have a look at