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Photoshoot at Lapstone Barn

We have recently been lucky enough to be apart of a fantastic styled shoot at the fabulous venue,
Lapstone Barn, which is located in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The stationery we created for the shoot was solely inspired by the fabulous mood board created by Jane from Tulle & Blue. The muted blue tones mixed with the greys, burnt gold and greens were the focus for me. I wanted to design something soft, whimsical and beautiful to enhance the overall elegant and mystical tone of the shoot. Everything has been hand printed and hand made with love and also hand painted – using a watercolour wash to create the backdrop to all artworks. Everything we designed is in keeping with all the other pieces giving a natural flow; stationery items include, a pocket-fold invitation with matte gold foiling, place name tags, gold foiled menu cards, table numbers, seating plan cards which hang from the foliage hoop and a welcome sign.

We absolutely loved being involved in this shoot and seeing everything come together; it’s so important
that all elements of your Big Day matches and compliments each other and this just highlights that. Have a look at just a few of the amazing photographs taken by Joanna Briggs below… All suppliers can be found below the images.

This has been featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, to view the full article, please click here.

Wedding Supplier List:

Photography - Joanna Briggs - www.joannabphotography.co.uk 



Creative Director and Stylist / Bridal Hair Accessories, Separates ( Capes and Veils ) and Velvet Ring Box - Jane Goldman - www.tulleandblue.co.uk   



Make Up Artist - www.kaylouisemakeup.co.uk   



Vintage Prop Hire - all small and large props/ candlesticks/ candles  - www.rusticrentals.co.uk



Bridal Hair - hairstylistworcester.co.uk


Wedding Gown Supplier/Shop - www.gatehousebrides.co.uk



Floral Artist - bouquet, buttonholes, garland and hoop foliage - damsonandvine.com



Stationery/ Welcome Signage  - www.retropress.org    



Glassware, cutlery, table linen - www.instagram.com/tabletodinefor   

Table China - www.vintagegoldchina.com    



Wedding Cakes - www.cakedaydreams.co.uk 



Venue - www.lapstonebarn.co.uk



Bespoke Invitation Design for Lapstone Barn 🌿

Lapstone Barn is definitely up there with one of my favourite wedding venues! If you are haven’t yet decided where to get married, I would highly recommend visiting this stunning Cotswold wonderland.

Having recently just had the pleasure of exhibiting at their latest Wedding Fair on Sunday, I felt it was only appropriate to create a new, exciting, bespoke invitation design especially for couples getting married at this exquisite venue.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, it’s very important to reflect the overall theme and vibe of what you want your Big Day to be. After all, receiving your invitations is the very first insight into your wedding that your guests will get… Make sure its a good one!

With this in mind, I wanted to create an invitation for the barn that is elegant, easily adaptable (in terms of the colours) and truly unique to couples getting married there. I have hand drawn the barn which features at the top of the invitation and printed it in rose gold. You can easily change this to suit you and your theme of your Big Day- so silver, gold, copper, etc. I have hand painted a watercolour wash of green which is behind the names- again this is easily adaptable or even erasable if you’d prefer. I chose to go with this colour with the watercolour and the pocketfold envelope to reflect the vast, green landscape that surrounds the Barn.

For more details, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your wedding.

And to find out more about Lapstone Barn, please click here.

Kew Garden Wedding Invitations 🌿💍

I recently had the pleasure of designing and creating some bespoke invitations for a couple getting married at the stunning Kew Gardens. My clients wanted their invitations to reflect the elegance, sophistication and wanders of this incredible venue. Their theme was blush pink, ivory and rose gold.

There were quite a few stages to this design process, all of which were very unique to the couple. As you will see in the pictures below, we created a monogram of their initials which was wax stamped in a rose gold, rich wax on luxury vellum belly bands. They decided to go for the pocketfold invitation; this is a classic style and is great for containing lots of information in a beautiful, succinct way. The couple were having their reception in the grand Orangery in Kew Gardens, so they wanted this to be a feature on the invitations. I hand drew this magnificent building in pencil, scanned it in at a high resolution, converted it into a plate for foiling and then hand printed it in the rose gold- as you will see at the top of the invitation. The couples names and all the titles are also printed in the rose gold foil. They were printed on a textured, ivory card which only enhances that elegant feel to them.

It’s so important to set the right tone with your wedding stationery, after all, it is the first
thing your guests will see. Please do get in touch if you want to create something unique
for your Big Day.

The Brown Kraft Pocketfold Wedding Invitation 💌

If you're looking to find a combination of rustic and beautifully elegant wedding invitations, then the kraft pocketfold style is perfect is right up your street. This type of invitation is both functional and stylish; it holds all your information sheets in one place (so there's no excuse from your guests that they've lost their RSVP slip !) and the main invitation is the first thing you see when you open the envelope, so it needs to scream your theme and your vibe for the Big Day.

In terms of the design, this is where the options are endless; you can go traditional with a script calligraphy font/ you can go for something a bit more quirky/ you can add elements of your day as you wish (like flowers or the venue for example)/ you can have some foiling on them... the list is endless. We have done so many different designs here at Retro Press; everything is tailored to your needs. Have a look at some of our past examples below:

There are many different ways in which you can fasten the pocketfold invitation;

  • With a card belly band that wraps around the invite (you could have your initials on, date, etc)
  • With a wax seal, either with your initials stamped in, or an image/emblem that reflects your theme
  • With twine and a tag- or just twine
  • With a ribbon and a tag

The finishing touch that you decide on depends upon the look and feel that you want to emulate- it's very much a personal preference... But every little detail matters- it's what sets the tone for the day. Have a look below to give you an idea:

We would highly recommend this style of invitation if you are getting married in a rural area, the countryside- perfect for the Cotswolds, a barn and that sort of vibe. Please do get in touch if you've got an idea/ you don't have an idea/ you just want to discuss your perfect wedding invitations.

Bespoke Wedding Invitations for Eckington Manor 💒💕

Eckinton Manor Wedding Venue

Eckington Manor is one of the beautiful, idyllic venues I have come across. It's filled with rustic charm whilst having a very elegant feel to it. I love the history of the Manor and how it has evolved into being what it is today. It's a small, family run business so it's got a huge friendliness and warmth about the place, rather than a stiff corporate feel. It is renown for it's delicious food, in which they grow much of the produce on their "award winning farm, orchard, vegetable and herb gardens." Needless to say, everything about this venue is award winning; the atmosphere, the glorious views, the rural location, the food, the luxury accommodation... and the list goes on! 

I have had the pleasure of partnering up with Eckington and have designed some Bespoke Wedding Invitations for their fabulous venue. I have hand drawn the recently renovated Barn in which couples get married in (see image at the top). I have done two different styles of invitations for the Brides and Grooms to choose from. The designs, of course, are 'not set in stone'; they are templates in which colours can be changed to match your wedding theme, fonts changed to suit your desired look and also the wording can be easily amended. I have chosen to stay in keeping with the feel of the Manor, so I have used brown kraft coloured paper to reflect the earthliness, rustic, rural nature. If you want to start from scratch and create something truly specific to you, this is of course another option! Have a look at the images below and please do get in touch if you're getting married at the Manor and are wanting something special to match your Big Day.



Wedding Inspiration: Blush Pink & Gold 💕✨

Blush pink & gold or rose gold is such a beautiful, elegant combination. It could be considered to be 'too feminine' when coming to choose a colour scheme for your Big Day, but gents, embrace it & just own that pink shirt! You just can't go wrong with this colour combo, it screams luxury, style & grace; have a look at some inspiration taken from Pinterest to get you thinking about what you could do in terms of decoration for the Wedding Day itself:

The beauty about these colours and theme, is that it will never go "out"; it's classic, yet you can make it as modern as you like. You won't look back on your Wedding Day in years to come and think, "God! What was I thinking!" And here at Retro Press, I have done many different styles of wedding stationery packages over the years to match the blush pinks & golds... and I have loved working on every single one. Each and every invitation I work on has it's own individual style and uniqueness to the couple in hand. It's important to reflect your Wedding in the Invitations you send out to your guests- from start to finish, you need your Wedding to stand out, make an impression and be personalised to you. Please have a look at a snippet of some of the stationery I have created in the past that relate to this luxurious theme. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your wonderful wedding ideas!

Wedding Inspiration: Green Foliage 🌿

In this past year, I have seen a significant rise in the desire for a more 'natural' wedding vibe, with lots of greens, creams and foliage taking precedent throughout the wedding. Whether you're going for a rustic feel or a classic one, this colour palette lends itself very nicely to both.

I've been having a look through Pinterest and have found some wonderful inspiration for when it comes to the Big Day itself and I very much enjoy all of it...

As I briefly touched upon in my opening paragraph, this colour way and feel of foliage works well with both a rustic wedding or a very classic/ traditional one. In terms of the wedding stationery to match, with the rustic feel, I would be tempted to add in a brown kraft element, along with twine, lace, etc. If you are going for a more traditional wedding, I would suggest that gold & rose gold work very well with this theme, or keep it quite simple and adding in a wreath/ some leaves as decoration.

Below are some past examples of where rustic meets foliage...

Please see below for some past stationery designed and produced here at Retro in which reflect  this gorgeous theme, but in a more classic style.

Bespoke Wedding Invitations for The Barn at Upcote 💒🖌

It's been just over a year since Jo & Andrew opened the doors to the beautiful Barn at Upcote and since then I've been lucky enough to work closely alongside the venue. It's not just a Wedding Venue; they hold many different types of events there throughout the year, from corporate parties to charity galas - it's just a great place for any type of social gathering. Have a look at a few pics below (taken from their website) to give you an idea of the amazing setting up there...

I created the foundations of an invitation for the Barn which included a hand drawing of the beautiful building itself. I wanted to create an invitation that was reflective of the mood, feel and vibe of the place, which is that of a rustic yet elegant nature. The idea behind this initial invitation is to give you (the bride and groom to be) a starting point, inspiration and a uniqueness which you won't find anywhere else. You can stylise this invitation in many different ways; you could have a pocketfold invitation, a flat invitation or in the form of a travel tag. You can change the colours to match your wedding theme, you can add dashes of colour/ flowers to it, we can change the fonts (if you want more of a traditional feel, etc), print on different paper... Basically, the options are endless and I just want to make your life as easy as possible for you. Please have a look through some of the variations I have done over this last year. I'm very open to new challenges, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your dream invitation ideas to match this dream venue.

The Wedding Flowers Meets The Wedding Stationery 🌸💕

A great day was had by all; myself from Retro Press, Jo from Aqua Flowers and Kate from Little Cheltenham. Upon meeting Jo at a Wedding Fair (at Upcode Barn) & seeing her floristry skills and beautiful arrangements, I just knew that our Wedding services/products would go hand in hand very nicely. The aim of this shoot, which was wonderfully crafted, directed and shot by Kate, was to show you how the initial stages of planning, i.e. the wedding invitations, should match up with the theme and vibe of the Wedding Day itself and all that goes with it, like the flowers and other such decorations. It's so pleasing to see how everything links together and how different fields within the same industry really do compliment each other. 

The photoshoot was done at Aqua's amazing studio, up at Manor Farm - which is set in the most idyllic of surroundings in the middle of the Cotswolds. There were so many great backdrops to choose from, including the luxury of being right next to the cutest little church ever... It was all just so perfect. It was a great day for a Spring/ Summer shoot and I just can't wait for the Autumn/ Winter one now. Here's a few pics of behind the scenes.


We wanted the set of final images to SHOW OFF all aspects of design; the flowers themselves, the stationery items and the photography skills.... It was an absolute JOY to work with both of these suppliers and I couldn't recommend either of them enough - please check out my friends page to find out more about them.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

The pocketfold wedding invitation is one of the many different formats that we do here at Retro Press. I wouldn't call it a 'style' of invitation, but its more of a function because you can make it into whatever style you like; classic/traditional, rustic, clean or modern; depending on your type of wedding.

Pocketfold invitations are basically sturdy envelopes that contain your invitation and other info/ rsvp slip, thus they are great for containing lots of information and keeping it in one place. You can have different sizes; DL, square or rectangular; again this depends upon personal preference. There are many different outer 'fastening' techniques for them; from belly bands, to twine, to ribbon and a tag, to a wax seal- all of which we do in house at Retro. You can have gold leaf foiling on them or digital printing. 

This type of invitation is quite expensive to produce in relation to just opting for the flat invitation- the pocketfold envelope is custom ordered in for you (depending on what colour you want- there is a huge variety, almost any colour available), they need to be hand put together; every fold needs creasing, sticking and securing, and then there's all the printed luxury paper that goes inside it to account for.

Have a look at some past bespoke pocketfold invitations to get you inspired for yours... Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

rustic pocketfold invitation

Rustic Pocketfold

classic pocketfold invitation

Classic Style

art deco invite

Art Deco Bronze Foiled

modern design

Modern Design

rustic pocketfold

Twine & Tag Detailing

pocketfold invitation

Ribbon & Tag Detailing

wax stamp invite

Wax Stamp Finish

pocketfold invitation

Belly Band

Blush Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

This time of year is crazy busy with so much day stationery to design and produce- I just LOVE it! I try and update my blog as much as humanly possible, but it's not as high on my priority list as the jobs in hand, so I do apologise about that because I want you to see absolutely everything that goes out the studio as it's such a variety of stuff- no one job is ever the same.

What I love most about doing the day stationery is the random requests I get asked to do- from personalised signage, to 'do not disturb' door hangers, to stickers, to tokens and of course the norm (table names, table plan, place names, menus, orders of service etc). 

Most couples want to match their day stationery with their wedding invitations- even if it is slightly different, it will definitely be in keeping with the invites. Have a look at a recent package I did for a couple who recently tied the knot... My best wishes and congratulations go out to you!

Bespoke Fir Cone Inspired Wedding Invitations

Most of the jobs that I do here at Retro are bespoke to my clients. Brides to be come to me with their desired invitations, I make them into a reality and I just love it. Every single job is different and unique; whether it be something very modern or very traditional, there is never a dull moment!

These ones that I want to showcase in this post are some recent pocketfold wedding invitations which have the theme of fir cones running throughout them. The fir cone is hand drawn and then gold foiled onto the invites. The colours are the exact match to the couple's colours for the day... I think this is important to give your guests a little indication of what is to come for the wedding.

If you've got an idea of the kind of invitations you'd like but you can't seem to find them anywhere, please do get in touch and I will see what I can do for you.





Tandem Bike Inspired Wedding Invitations

It's always nice to include a theme into your wedding stationery... Whether it's a theme that is running throughout your day or indeed something that means something special to you two- the place in which your partner proposed, the first flowers that they bought you or even your pets; making your stationery personal to you will make it stand out from the rest.
With this in mind, I'd like to showcase this particular bespoke stationery to you in this post... Tandem bike inspired pocektfold, classic wedding invitations! The fiancé is a bicycle fanatic so the couple has their heart set on this running through as a theme for their big day. They wanted to keep them quite traditional yet with a rustic twist (kraft envelopes). We have hand printed the tandem bike in gold foil as motif at the top of the invitations, as you can see. These were finished with the beautiful twine wrapped around them.
If you also want to be unique on your wedding day, please do get in touch and hopefully we can fulfil your dreams too.

Kraft Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

The pocketfold style wedding invitations are so popular because they work on so many levels; they are beautiful, sturdy, hard- wearing, (hard to loose!), practical in the sense that they can contain so much information whilst still looking elegant, and you can have them designed in any style you wish to match your big day. For example, I have designed many traditional looking pocketfold invitations but then these ones exhibited in this post are more rustic and 'crafty' looking. These are totally bespoke to the bride and groom and match the vibe and theme of their wedding day. The hand- drawn flowers which run throughout the invitations match the flowers and colours of the flowers for the big day. I very much believe it's these little touches that tie this one big day altogether and makes it special. The invitations should set the tone for the day and it's nice when your guests get to your wedding and can see this.

If you haven't quite found what you're looking for in terms of wedding stationery, or you are unsure on what you want/ need, please do get in touch, we'd love to help create your dream wedding suite.

For the more traditional affair...!

I think Retro Press has a reputation for designing quite bold & modern wedding stationery... Which we do do a lot of yes! But we also design & produce some very traditional wedding invitations. An invitation itself should reflect the venue of the wedding and the overall styling of the actual day. For instance, you wouldn't have kraft/ rustic type invitations if you are getting married in an elegant hotel & spa, but for a barn wedding on the other hand, these would be perfect! I believe it's very important to match everything up so that it comes together nicely on the big day. This is why the invitations are very important- they set the tone for the wedding/ event and give your guests a little insight into what to expect without giving all the wonderful surprises away.
Have a look at just some of the example past traditional wedding invitations we have done in the past. The pink and green pocketfold invitations feature gold foiling, which adds to classic nature of them. If you've got something in mind for your invitations, whether they're modern, traditional, or a bit of both, please do get in touch with any queries.



Upcote Barn Wedding Invitations

So Retro Press has been lucky enough to team up with the wonderful, most idyllic venue; The Barn at Upcote. It is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds and boasts the most fantastic views, surroundings and atmosphere. As soon as I had visited the Barn and met the fantastic couple, Jo & Andrew who run it, I already had a design in mind for some wedding invitations to match and hopefully capture the essence and vibe of the place.

Being that this venue is a converted barn on a very rural landscape, rustic/ vintage styled stationery is the perfect way to reflect this... Think kraft paper, twine and an overall informal yet classic feel. I hand drew an image of the barn which appears at the top of the invitations. I think to have the venue of where you're going to get married on the actual invitations gives them a personal touch and gives your guests an idea to the vibe of the day and it is nice for them to envision the setting. I have designed 2 different styles of invites for this venue; one being the classic pocketfold and the other, a take on the beautiful luggage label. Both styles are great ways of containing lots of information in which you would like to send out to your guests. The colours that I have used are based on the logo of Upcote Barn as I wanted to have some consistency running throughout. Anyway, take a look for yourselves...

If you are getting married at this fantastic venue, please get in touch if you'd like more details about your wedding stationery... The invitations can be tailor made towards you, so we can change the colours, change the wording and even change the font- anything is possible! 

The Vintage Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

The pocketfold invitation has proven to be one of the most popular styles that we do here at Retro. They are just great because they contain all the information in such a succinct, beautiful way. Depending upon the theme and style of your big day, it can adapted to match any occasion. These ones that we are showcasing here have got a rustic/ vintage vibe to them. However, we have done more traditional ones in the past with a gold and pearlescent finish to them. 

These particular invitations were for the venue, The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury, so naturally the couple wanted to go down this boho, rustic route. They had a wedding theme of sunflowers and thus wanted this incorporated into the design. This is a bespoke design especially for the couple, which is what we specialise in; everything we do is personalised and make sure that everything that goes out of our door is 110% in terms of quality and design.