Ultra Violet Wedding Inspiration 🔮💜

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Ulta Violet Pantone 18-3838 is the colour of 2018! A perfect wedding colour; rich, deep and elegant. The lighter tones of this colour will work well for the spring / summer- think lavender, freshness and brightness. Whilst the darker tones will contrast and compliment with green foliage, whites and creams. Have a look at some inspiration taken from Pinterest... 

I feel like you can go one of two ways with this colour; it can have quite a Boho feel to it or on the opposite end of the scale, it can feel traditional and quite classic- it just depends on what style you want for your Big Day. I have done quite a few Wedding Suites with this colour being the theme, please see a selection below, from invitations through to day stationery... 

ultra violet pantone

For more inspiration, check out my board:

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Wedding Inspiration: A Navy Affair 💙

You can't go wrong with the classic wedding theme of Navy. It's such an elegant, strong colour that works with so many other colours; coral, white, rose gold, silver, gold, blush pink, burgundy, to name a few. When you match it with the right colour, Navy works in any season and along with any venue. Here are a few images from my Pinterest board, Navy Wedding Style ( to help you get inspired for the Big Day itself:

Over the past year, I have done designed quite a range of bespoke Navy inspired wedding invitations. They have all been different, with varied styles and finishes; it just depends on your wedding day and what matches you. Please see have a look and get in touch for your perfect design.



Why Pinterest is SO Great for Brides-To-Be 👰🏽💍

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So it's been revealed that a staggering 40 million people use Pinterest for Wedding Planning every single year (The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study)... How crazy is that?! I can totally believe this; one can just get lost in the world of Pinterest for hours upon hours, without even realising (I know I do)! It provides such a huge variety of inspirations from around the world - and of course not just for weddings - but I want to focus on why it is such a great tool for you Brides-to-be to use.

We have now entered a generation where by traditional values in weddings have been outweighed by the uniqueness and individuality of couples. People want to put their "stamp" on their Wedding Day, and quite rightly so - this will be up there with one of the most special of days in their lifetime. From the all important wedding invitations to the finer details like the candles on the tables at the wedding breakfast, couples want to infuse a piece of their personality & story into the day. 

Here's another quite funny fact about Pinterest (taken from the Daily Mail, so I'm not quite sure if it's true) :"70% Pinterest users have Wedding boards before they are even engaged!" 
But again, I can kind of believe it - the content on Pinterest is so rich and beautiful, I can totally see why people would save images, maybe with the hope that they'll come in use later down the line or maybe just because they find these things so inspirational in one way or another. 

So you've recently got engaged and you have no idea where to start?! Let me tell you that most couples begin their journey (if they haven't already!!), on Pinterest. You can just look for some ideas, inspirations and get a feel for what you like. Once you've established your venue and secured the date, you can then start pinning your ideas, creating different boards as you go and start bringing everything together for the Big Day. If my couples have a Pinterest board that relates to their wedding, it makes it a whole lot easier; I can really get a grasp of their colour scheme, what style they like and what route they're taking for their wedding. It's important for me to know all the finer details so I can then design something to match and in keeping with everything else. It's also great when couples come to me with other invitations that they have seen & pinned- I can't (and I won't) ever copy something like for like, but again, it's good to get a flavour for what kind of design they like. In the past, I have created tailored wedding boards for clients, which is another really helpful way of communicating as it's all imagery rather than words in an email/ conversation.

Not only is Pinterest up-to-date with all the latest wedding trends, but it always seems to be ahead of the game too, which is why it's also fab for people that work within the industry, like myself, to be active on it. It is hard to stay on top of all social media platforms, but I do think it's important to check in with all them and especially Pinterest. I personally like to see "what's hot and what's not" as I want to be creating new & exciting things all the time. It's a great way of exposing & sharing my work with the world. Have a look at my Retro Press board here. Here's sneak preview below...