Cotswold Barn weddings

The wedding stationery is based upon a special motif, colour or theme, but it's definitely important to know the wedding venue before deciding upon the overall style of your wedding stationery. 

This week, I have decided to look into the barn venues- of course the Cotswolds are full of them and what a fab place to have your big day. The below photographs come from The Kingscote Barn, Cripps Barn and Hyde Barn (in order). Just stunning, I think you'll agree.

Things that come to mind with 'barn' style weddings:

- Rustic

- Nature

- Organic

- Lusheous 

- Vintage

- Stone/ beams/ wood

- Bunting

Thus, the wedding stationery must reflect this vibe and set the tone for the day. I have designed a mock up design of a The Save the Date and a Wedding Invitation itself, just to give a bit of inspiration to those brides out there. I think the kraft paper suits the organic and rustic nature of Barn weddings. Enjoy and please get in touch if you'd like your very own personalised wedding stationery to make it that little bit extra special.

Wedding Photography in the Cotswolds: An Interview with Dan Fisher Photography

Being involved in the wedding trade means that I get to meet lots of other companies and individuals within this industry also, which is great because we can recommend each other.... So if you're looking for a fantastic, experienced wedding photographer, please have a read on and see what really inspires Dan and have a look at just a few of his wonderful pics!!

How did you get into wedding photography?

"My father was a printer, so I've always been in and around design and dark rooms! My father was also a keen photographer and this is where I first picked up a camera. From there I started experimenting with film and developing my understanding before going to university, unfortunately I put cameras down to study Business IT. 

I then too the step into digital, quietly rebuilding my knowledge and ability, and was asked by a friend to document their big day. I was nervous and despite protesting they said that they trusted me and loved my work. From there I haven't looked back!!"

How long have you been in the business?

"I've been in the wedding business for about 3 years now, I'm also involved in my partners business, Needle & Fred, who are moving into making decorations for weddings, so there's no getting away from weddings in our house!!"

What do you love about it?

"I love everything about the wedding business, can there be anything better than being apart of a couples special day and being able to create their memories, something that they'll look back on for years to come?"

How do you make your couples feel relaxed and comfortable?

"I've been told by brides, grooms and their parents that I am a calming influence on the big day, I always step foot into the bridal preparations and although I may be carrying my camera bag I don't get my camera and lenses out straight away, I like to talk to people, introduce myself and make them feel relaxed (well as relaxed as they can be on their big day!)

I try and be as unobtrusive as I can throughout the whole day, taking images from a distance and not making people feel that a camera is being thrusted upon them. Sure there are times throughout the day where the bride and groom may have portraits, or group shots need to be arranged but again I use the bridal party to get people together- they know members of the family better than me!"

Do you have props? Do you mind if the couple want to use specific props?

"I use props as a part of my 'photo booth' set up that I can take along to weddings, the glasses on a stick, wigs and moustaches all make an appearance. I've no problem at all with the couple wanting to use props, examples have ranged from dogs to 'Thank You' bunting- ideal for those all important Thank You cards. There aren't any other props in particular that I use, there are some tricks of the trade that come with me, and have proved very useful in the past!"

Which part of the day do you enjoy capturing the most?

"It sounds really cheesy but I love the whole day. There are some many emotions at different times that your always looking to capture a special moment. The father if the brides first look, the bride and grooms first glance at each other right through to the bride and groom shots. 

I do absolutely love the 'confetti shot' as it can really throw some interesting expressions into the mix. I also love being creative with off camera flashes for bride and groom with a stunning portrait that has the WOW factor."

5 words to describe your style...

"Only 5 words?!?!.... Creative, documentary, artistic, relaxed and fun!"

5 of your all time favourite shots... 

Contact details/ social media:



Twitter: @danfisherphoto


Phone: 07809710568




The Cotswold Vintage Scoop.

Well when I came across these guys, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!

Cotswold Vintage Scoop create bespoke wedding packages to suit brides and grooms across the Cotswolds providing beautifully restored vintage ice cream vans. Their vintage ice cream vans 'Bertie and Vinnie' not only entertain guests and of course provide handmade ice creams but also create a unique photo opportunity to make your memories last. How perfect is this? Honestly, what more could you want on your big day?

To make their service even more unique, the bride and groom have the difficult choice of selecting 5 individual flavours for their guests to enjoy in premium waffle cones... But it doesn't stop there, each vintage can can be colour coded with ribbons to compliment the wedding colour theme, and even have the choice to personalise the serving window with jokes, statements or information for guests to enjoy! (So if you want any signs making for this, get in touch...!)

Tom tells me, "Our aim has always been to provide the wow factor and of course the most important factor which is FUN."

What I really love about this company is not just about the products in which they provide, (which are outstanding by the way), but their ethos, concept, passion and personal service. It feels like they have the same ideals and goals as Retro Press and if I were you, I'd get booking!!

Connect with Tom from the Cotswold Vintage Scoop to find out more:

M: 07894236095

Twitter: @scoopvintage


Facebook: Cotswold Vintage Scoop

Photography by the fabulous wedding photographer, Marcus. Check out his website at:

Vintage photography: an interview with Sam Oldfield.

vintage photography

The work I do here at Retro Press has naturally got that 'vintage look' about it due to the process I use; letterpress design and printing. But outside my little world of wedding stationery and such, I love anything with that old, authentic feel to it, from china tea cups to the awesome photography of Sam Oldfield! Sam is also Cheltenham based so I just had to get in touch with him and ask him a few questions about his work, because it's clear that behind the pictures and indeed the camera lies a shared passion... vintage!

How would you define your style?

"Contemporary Vintage style fashion and portraiture photography. I shoot a mix of modern styles but also have a passion for anything vintage/ retro."

What makes you unique?

"My approach to each shoot, I think, they are all bespoke to the client, whether it's a fashion client or a portrait commission."

What does 'vintage' mean to you?

"Although fashion and trends tend to come full circle, it means a lot as this is what I always go back to shooting, the A shape skirt/ dress halter neck, is such a brave and distinctive style, everyone loves it!! (Almost)"

What previous projects have you been involved in?

"I have shot for a range of designers, a Tonu & Guy stylist of the year campaign, nominated for photographer of the year (black and white category), a range of personal shoots, recently finished covering the Cheltenham Literature Festival, photographing a range of portraits and event images."

I believe that the proof is in the pudding myself... Check out these wicked pics below that absolutely 'capture' Sam's style!!

So if it's totally vintage you're after, it's a no brainer really... Come to me for your stationery (ha!) and Sam for your photography. Drop him an email at and find out what he can do for you- like myself, all his prices are based on the clients needs, so once you've had a chat, he'll give you a quote. It's that easy! Find him on facebook too: Sam Oldfield Photography.

Thanks a million for taking the time out Sam- I must now think of an event whereby he can come and take my pics!


Cotswold Bride Magazine & Lucy Davenport Photography

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lucy Davenport for photographing my wedding invitations & coasters and including them in a shoot that she did for the Cotswold Bride magazine... Not only was it a huge honour to be asked by Lucy, but the photo's look fantastic too! Have a look at the spreads below.

As you can see, all the photo's look amazing (see close ups below)! And hey, if you need a photographer for that big day, look no further- Lucy's great, easy and efficient to work with so go on,  check out her website: