Bespoke Luggage Tag Invitation

The luggage tag style invitation is definitely a favourite of ours... It's just a fantastic way of holding lots of information together- you can have as many sheets as necessary or even just one. They are elegant, different and fun! We've got a few different styles that you can choose from in our Boutique Collection which you can adapt and tweak to suit you and your desires. Or you can go totally bespoke like these ones exhibited in this post... Please get in touch if you'd like any samples sent to you so you can get an idea of the great quality of these invitations for yourselves.

Gold Foiled Save the Date Wedding Coasters

We design and print many letterpress Save the Date coasters here at Retro Press. They are an absolutely fabulous way of sending out something a little bit different, fun and unique. We have quite a big collection on our website, which we can customise especially to you. The coasters come with matching envelopes so you can easily send them out to your guests.
These particular coasters that are being showcased in this post have been individually letterpress and gold foiled printed. The shiny heart combines very nicely with the vintage stamp like finish of the letterpress writing and we are very excited to do some more like this. Please do get in touch if you like what you see!

Letterpress Birthday Invitation Coasters

As well as wedding stationery, we also do every other type of stationery here at Retro Press, from home, business to parties and anything else you can think of!!

The letterpress coasters have always been a very popular choice of product for sending out Save the Dates. They are so different, unique, beautiful and also sturdy which means that  your guests are less likely to misplace them or discard of them! They are definitely fun ways of sending out an invitation, so we have now created a birthday party range and will be adding it to it all the time. What better way to get your guests into the spirit of things other than sending them a better matt?! The two that you see below, you can find on the website and you can obviously change all of the finer details and colours to match with what you want.

Another nice way of utilising the beer matt is to actually have them on the tables of your actual event/ party/ wedding. I have designed this one below which can be changed into any number you wish and in any colour too. If you have any enquires please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Swallow Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The rustic style of wedding invitations is forever on the surge. They suit the barn type weddings and remember that the invitations really do set the tone for the whole day. They give your guests an indication of what type of event it's going to be. This is why it is so important to get them right.

The invitations that I want to showcase to you in this blog post are of that nature; vintage/ rustic. Using a combination of finishes; the actual invitation was letterpress printed on kraft paper, to give that 'stamp' like quality. As every single invite was hand printed, not one is exactly the same. That's the beauty of letterpress printing. The info and RSVP sheets were digitally printed on white textured paper. As you can see, they are held together by string. There is the option to have ribbon or twine with these type of invitations. If I had to put these into a category, I would say that these are travel tag invitations, which are great ways in themselves of containing all the bits of information together. 

If you'd like your very own custom wedding invitations designing, you've come to the right place... Please get in touch for more details.

Personalised Birthday Party Invitations

Our personalised design service is not just limited to wedding stationery here at Retro Press... We do it all, from home cards, moving cards, business cards and specifically, I want to draw your attention to personalised party invitations in this blog post. 
It's very easy to buy shop bought invites these days and these are good for ease and cost efficiency. If however, you want to create the right tone and vibe to your party, I think it's essential to get your invitations made to order. 
As with all of our wedding stationery, nothing is off limits- we can design either traditional or modern invitations depending on your requirements. The ones that I will showcase today were designed in the style of the luggage tag label. As you can, my client had matching letterpress THANK YOU coasters to send to her guests after the big event. If you would like your very own bespoke invitations, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rustic Letterpress Business Cards & Swing Tags

So I don't know if you know, but we also do business stationery here at Retro Press. Whether you want something designed or just printed, you've come to the right place.
If you're looking for that rustic/ vintage feel, why not go authentic and go letterpress?! I always tell my clients that if you're looking for a 'perfect' finish then it's best to go digital (which we also do), but if you want that almost 'stamp' like finish, it's got to be letterpress all the way.
The beauty of letterpress is that you can print almost any material and any card thickness, so our cards tend to be on the thicker paper stocks. This is also why this process is good for swing tags, which I believe need to be of a sturdy stock. We also try to use recycled paper where ever we can too.
Please look at our wide variety that we've printed below. Some we have designed, but some we have just printed for our clients. Please get in touch for prices etc.

Letterpress Wedding Coasters

So on the website there is a selection of different template wedding coasters for you to choose from. These are digital designs of the finished products which are letterpress printed. The letterpress finish is very distinct and naturally has that lovely textured feel to it. 

When choosing the template design that you like, bear in mind that you can choose the colour of your choice to match your wedding day. You can also tweak the wording/ add text if needs be. To give you an idea of a finished letterpress coaster, please see below an image of the template displayed on my website (style: Sarah), and then below it an image of some finished coasters printed for a lovely bride to be.

These letterpress coasters, I think, are great and unique ways of sending out your Save the Dates. They are memorable, hard to loose and unusual. 

We also do bespoke wedding coasters, so if you've got a particular vision in mind, please do get in touch to see what we can do for you. If you've already got something designed yourselves, we are will be very happy to print them for you. We've also done wedding coasters as invitations, place names and table names in the past so they are very versatile. If you'd like some samples, just ask!

Eat Drink & be Married Wedding Coasters

You will find a coaster page on our website... There we have a wide variety of different designs to choose from. They are digital versions of the actual end products which are all individually letterpress printed, which brings them to life and gives them this quality unobtainable via digital processes. We thought it would be good for you to see what we mean, so please see below the digital version and then a photograph of the printed version. You can also choose the colour way to suit your occasion.

Letterpress Kraft Business Cards

Here at Retro, we do a lot of business stationery as well as wedding stationery. Whether you want your business cards designing or just printing, we do both. The differences between letterpress printed cards and digital are quite distinct; with digital printing, you will always get a clean, perfect finish. With letterpress printing, it is never perfect- some cards may be more heavily inked, some may be quite faded and there can also be little excess ink spots on the cards; it's the authentic rustic/ hand crafted finish that you get with this process.

With the business cards showcased in this post, the client sent through their design and requested edge printing to match their branding. The edge printing that we do here, again is not a 'clean' finish... There will always be a bit of bleed onto the cards which enhance that more 'rough', craft finish to the cards.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require your cards printing or indeed designing (letterpress, gold foil or digital).




Save the Date Wedding Coasters

So we have a selection of different coaster designs to chose from on our website... But if none of them take your fancy, we are very happy to do a bespoke design for you. The options are endless. We are constantly designing new coasters all the time, so even if you take one as a starting point, that'll work nicely. 

The digital version you see online isn't the exact representation of what the real coasters will look like. This is because each and every one is individually hand printed letterpress. They have a texture about them and a quality unachievable via digital printing. Some coasters may be more heavily inked than others and some may be really faded. This is the beauty of letterpress; it's never perfect. To show you an example of this, a recent bride really like the overall design of 'Jessica', but wanted the font from 'Martha' as the 'Save the Date' font.... See digital versions below.

Thus, we designed a digital proof for the bride and once approved we got into the studio to print the final letterpress coasters. Please see below. We hope you love as much as we do :) To find out more please visit our website.

letterpress wedding save the date coaster

Bespoke Boxing Poster style Wedding Stationery

Here at Retro, we embrace all sorts of different requests and always love to do something different- which we do day in, day out, it's great. We do a wide variety of stationery, from traditional to modern and everything in between. A recent job that we have just completed was to design and print some personalised Save The Date 'boxing' style coasters.

To give you a little insight into the process... The bride to be sent us a few images that she'd seen and liked the style of, please see below.

Our job was to then translate this into a bespoke design using the wording that the bride provided. We designed it digitally and sent off the proof. This was approved and so we sent off for a letterpress plate to be made, please see below.

Once we had established the correct colour, which was hand mixed incidentally, we hand printed each and every coaster. Have a look at the finished product... Very happy with these and I hope the couple were too!! 

Bespoke Christmas Cards with Retro Press

It's definitely the right time to start thinking about Christmas preparations... So if you're looking to have personalised cards printed or designed, you have landed yourselves on the right page. Whether you want some made up for your business or personally, now is the right time to order them.

In the past we have printed letterpress christmas coasters, cards and vouchers for a wide variety of clients.

I know a lot of people send digital cards nowadays (which we can also provide) but for us here at Retro, we believe that there is nothing more personal than to receive a postcard or a card; something physical that someone has made the effort to choose, write and send.


  • Bespoke design service
  • Printing services: letterpress or digital

Be unique this Christmas... Here are a few designs we have created this year. You can purchase these random delights straight away- just get in touch (minimum quantities of 50)!

Letterpress Labels for Kingsley Leather

So I recently collaborated with Kingsley Leather to produce some customised letterpress swing tags. It was the perfect match of bespoke handcrafted products. Kingsley Leather create some amazing, truly unique items which are also personalised to their clients- please have a look at just some of their finery below:

What I love about these exquisite items is the wonderful imagination, thought and personalisation behind them. I felt privileged to team up with this brand and produce their letterpress labels to go with their products. We printed 400 in total, double sided with the rounded corner finishing. Looking forward to hopefully working some more with Kingsley Leather in the future :)

How to Order your Personalised Letterpressed Coasters

We have designed a range of coasters with lots of variety for you to choose from. We've got the very traditional styled designs, to the more modern and bolder styles. After working with many clients over the years, we thought it was a good idea to have some template designs in which you can adjust to make your own. We do a whole range of different colours, so you may really like one design, for instance 'Louise', but want in bright yellow to match your colour scheme. We want to make things as easy as possible for you whilst still being bespoke and personal. There are no quantity restraints so anything is possible. We aim to add three new designs a month, whether it be Save the Dates, thank you or 'Eat, drink & be married' coasters. 

The digital designs that you see online will be translated into beautiful, hand crafted letterpress coasters. Each and every one is individually hand printed. The images below give you a little idea of the process.

Have a look at the below images to see some examples of the final products.

All the Save the Dates and Thank you coasters come with envelopes to match. The eat, drink and be married coasters as well as the advice coasters come without envelopes. Please have a look at the rest of our designs on our website. If you particularly love a particular design but want to change the wording slightly, this is not a problem, just let us know in the order form. We are also very happy to design your coasters from scratch, just get in touch with your ideas/ what you want. 

Cotswold Barn weddings

The wedding stationery is based upon a special motif, colour or theme, but it's definitely important to know the wedding venue before deciding upon the overall style of your wedding stationery. 

This week, I have decided to look into the barn venues- of course the Cotswolds are full of them and what a fab place to have your big day. The below photographs come from The Kingscote Barn, Cripps Barn and Hyde Barn (in order). Just stunning, I think you'll agree.

Things that come to mind with 'barn' style weddings:

- Rustic

- Nature

- Organic

- Lusheous 

- Vintage

- Stone/ beams/ wood

- Bunting

Thus, the wedding stationery must reflect this vibe and set the tone for the day. I have designed a mock up design of a The Save the Date and a Wedding Invitation itself, just to give a bit of inspiration to those brides out there. I think the kraft paper suits the organic and rustic nature of Barn weddings. Enjoy and please get in touch if you'd like your very own personalised wedding stationery to make it that little bit extra special.

Wedding Inspiration of the week: Nautical Themed Wedding.

Having a themed wedding sometimes makes life much easier, as you know exactly what you're you're looking for, exactly what colours you want, etc. On the other hand, it could make life that little bit harder as you can't find exactly what you're looking for and you don't want to compromise- and why should you... It is you're big day after all!

So hopefully, here at Retro Press, we can help you out on the stationery side of things- everything we do is bespoke and tailored to your needs. Thus, if there is that something a little unique or special that you want, you have landed in the right place.

This week's inspiration is based upon the nautical themed wedding. I have recently designed and letterpress printed some Save the Date cards for a client- it was great fun and they looked fantastic... I want to do more! 

Royal blues, navies, creams, lusheous turquoises and bright reds are the colours that instantly spring to mind with the nautical wedding. Stunning! The images are also quite obvious, with shells, anchors, stripes, boats, rope boarders, etc... But these can be designed in a way to make them look very classy.

The mood boards you see below are just starting points for inspiration... There would be so many wonderful different avenues one could take with this themed wedding stationery. Anyhow, please enjoy and get in touch if you've got something specific in mind but can't find it!

Retro Press Promo Vid!

Photographs are a great way of telling a story, but videos are even better! Hence why I've put together a short promo vid displaying some recent wedding invitations done here at Retro Press. Please stop to have a little look and hopefully enjoy!! If you have any questions, like anything you see and want to get in touch... Don't hesitate, drop me an email at kate@retropress.co.uk

Letterpress Wedding Posters!

It's the little touches that make all the difference on the big day. Whether it be the flowers on the table or the personalised wedding favours- these wonderful things enhance that special atmosphere of the wedding. Definitely.

We've done quite a lot of wedding posters in the past, some directional, some welcoming ones, some just for fun! But it all adds to it and they are also great 'momentos' to keep for after the day itself. Here are just a few pics below from the actual wedding day:

These were bespoke jobs, so made specifically for those couples. If you would like to find out more about getting your very own posters made, please get in touch- we'd love to get involved and help out! We've also got some posters already designed, printed and up for grabs! Who doesn't love that famous 'letterpress hand' anyway?! Please have a look at the below images and don't hesitate to get in touch if you want one!

Hen Party Inspiration Cheltenham!!

Want to do something a little different for your hen party? Something fun filled, creative and worth while...? You've come to the right place!! Come and get all inky, inspired and do some letterpress printing!!

Based in the heart of Cheltenham, our letterpress studio is situated in Tivoli, just a few strides away from the nearest pub and 5 minutes walking distance to the trendy area of Montpellier. 

Come and print your very own stationery, whether it be posters for the day, table tags, coasters, favours, personalised sweet bags- anything! It doesn't even have to be related to the big wedding day itself, the studio is your oyster!! 

The Details:

- This unique hen party runs for 2-3 hours, depending upon numbers (10 maximum).

- Glass of bubbly upon arrival. Mandatory!! 

- Get in touch for prices- discounts given to groups over 5 persons.

- These run on Saturday mornings and afternoons, just pick your slot- send me an email with preferred dates, times and quantities!

We also do D.I.Y wedding invitation sessions too, so please check this out if you want to design and make your own stationery. This differs to the hen party sessions as it is more specific to making your wedding invitations and will most likely need a whole day, if not more!

Have a look at the below images to see what kind of 'stuff' you can do... Wahhooooooo!!!

Cotswold Weddings!!

I believe that I'm very lucky to be living in the heart of the Cotswolds, where A LOT of wedding action happens! It's a great place for a wedding, whether you're originally from this area or are coming from outside... It's surrounded by lusheous green countryside, beautiful spas and hotels and a whole host of great suppliers. All found in once place- perfect!

So after the wedding venue is booked, it's time to get the word out there! After doing much wedding stationery for couples, I've established some recommended timelines in term of wedding stationery...

Save the Dates: to be sent out anything between 1 year to 8 months prior to the big day.

The Invitations: to be received by the guests at least 3 months before the wedding day. This gives them a chance to RSVP, make arrangements and book it off. This gives you the chance to finalise numbers without panicing 1 month before- you'll have enough to worry about!

Orders of Service, table tags, other stationery for the day: In terms of design and production, this normally comes at a later date to the invitations. It's good to have these things a little in advance however, then you can see if you've got everything covered and all sorted. 

Bespoke thank you cards- obviously you will want these after your wedding day, but again, to cut stresses, it's best to get these done before with everything else.

So if you need any of the above products, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We tailor design and print all our stationery to suits the couple's needs so anything is possible!! Have a look at some snippets of our past stationery below and enjoy :) If you want to see more, check out our website.