invitation wording

Wedding Invitation Wording

After designing and producing what seems like millions of invitations in the past, I have definitely seen lots of different ways to word your wedding invitations... It's all down to personal preference, the style of your wedding and a little bit of who's paying for them!

The traditional way is to invite your guests from your parents, but nowadays many couples invite their guests from themselves. Some couples prefer to have their whole names (including middle names) on the invitations, whilst some prefer to have just their forenames on the invites- it's totally down to you and what you want. 

When you sit down to do the wording, it might seem a bit daunting and overwhelming... I promise you, it's not... Have a look at the checklists I have created in order for you NOT to forget anything. Do it in stages and don't worry if you don't have some of the information- that can always be added at a later date. I hope you find the below helpful but if you do have any questions/ need any help with anything (like how to word information about gifts/ children, etc), be sure to get in touch.