hatch show print

Hump Day!

Well this is a term that I learnt whilst I was out in Nashville doing my internship at the famous Hatch Show Print. So I thought I'd make this a themed weekly post... Hump Day. God bless you Americans! These might be slightly random posts, maybe an account of my day here at the studio or indeed a post on elephants (my fave animal), totally relevant! But I thought that this would be a good way of making sure I remember to blog, keep up to date with stuff and just fun in general!

It'd only be right therefore, that this post be a brief summary on my time at Hatch Show Print- yes the best, oldest letterpress workshop in the world for sure.

It is here that I fell head over heels in love with the whole letterpress process. Even though I did a little letterpress on my Graphic Design degree course, I mostly learnt everything there at Hatch. It was an intense 3 month internship, 9- 5 every Monday- Friday and then we got given the privilege to print our own stuff on the weekends too!! Totally amazing!! Whilst I was there, there were posters being produced left right and centre and flying out the door for bands and artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Adele, Hall & Oats, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Bob Seger, TV on The Radio, to mention a few. I personally designed and printed jobs for the likes of Glen Campbell, Kenny G and Willie Nelson... How cool?! All of this stuff was letterpress printed, the good ole' fashioned way! The place itself (even though it has now moved locations- which I have visited) is just magical; there's just this buzz about it with a huge sense of authority and nostalgia to it.

Above are some pics of the place, some type and the team beavering away. Below are some pics of the posters produced whilst I was there....

As you can see, it is just an awesome place filled with letterpress goodness, in which I never wanted to leave. But I had to (insert violins). Soooo, upon my return to the UK, I decided that this is all I wanted to do; eat, sleep, breathe letterpress and try and emulate a similar vibe and success to that of Hatch Show Print. Thus, Retro Press was born! If you're interested, you can read a little more about Reto on the website.

So this is a little section of my letterpress studio, in the heart of the Cotswold's, a little different to Nashville... And yes it is a shrine to Hatch! But hey, it was the best experience of my life and has made a heavy impact on what I'm doing today so this makes me very happy every single day! 

Below is one final image... This one's for you Jenny!

This is an image of the first poster that myself and Jenny designed and printed together and had absolutely free reigns of, yey hah! A letterpress wedding invitation poster- what a great way of sending something out that's a bit different to the norm and so very striking too! To date, I still haven't had the pleasure of designing one of these for a couple, but I'd absolutely embrace it if I had the chance to... So if you know of anyone looking for a personalised wedding poster, don't hesitate to put them in touch!

Well, this post is definitely longer than I was intending it to be, but I find it easy to get carried away when talking about Hatch! But hey, thank you guys for everything and until next Hump Day.... :)