Business Stationery for Red Pig Coffee 🐽

Nothing says COFFEE like brown kraft cards... They just seem to go hand in hand with each other. Red Pig Coffee Roasters are a fabulous company based in the Cotswolds that supply rich, glorious coffee to well respected coffee joints all over the country. When they came to me for a little re-brand and help with both the designing and printing of some of their products, I could'nt wait to get my hands on it.
We agreed that foiling their stationery was the way forward. Giving everything a luxury feel to it but keeping it all very much 'earthy' and reflective of their products. 
I have very much enjoyed working with the team behind Red Pig and looking forward to some more exciting things to come! 
Please get in touch if you'd like help with your business stationery... there's a lot to be said for having creating the right tone with your stationery.

Business Stationery for The Lion Sparkles πŸ’«πŸ’•

In case you didn't know, I work on many different projects here at Retro Press, including business stationery. I recently had the honour to work with the wonderful Beth from The Lion Sparkles. The brief... think bold, bright, STATEMENT!

So... I designed and produced a range of neon pink, electric yellow and sassy black postcards (see below), which I think match their products perfectly! I also created some labels to match. As you can imagine, I had a lot of F U N working on these items and I'm very looking forward to doing lots more with them! Remember... Attitude Is Everything!

Check out The Lion Sparkles here ⚑️

Christmas Wedding Stationery Shoot with Aqua Florist πŸ’

christmas wedding stationery

So with the Christmas countdown being very much ON, it was a fantastic opportunity to work with Jo from Aqua Florist on a little festive inspired photo shoot. Jo has been busy busy busy with weddings all year round but at Christmas she finds the time to make these beautiful wreaths, which are filled with bows, ribbons, dried fruits, pine cones and they are just exquisite. I went to visit her at the Aqua Flowers HQ along with my little helper Lewi (the sausage dog- who actually didn't help at all!!) and had a full on day of fun, Christmas and photos!

With Christmas Weddings getting more and more popular, it's a crazy time here at Retro Press- what with doing bespoke Christmas card orders to Wedding Stationery and I just love it! When you think of Christmas inspired wedding stationery, think deep, warm, dark colours with touches of metallic tones running through them. Colour combinations that work very well together: Emerald Greens & Golds, Dark Greys & Silvers, Deep Reds & Golds, Navy & Rose Golds and actually the Brown Kraft paper is very indicative of this Christmassy feel.

Enjoy the photos and please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

The Barn at Upcote Wedding Fair πŸ‚πŸ’’

Wow! What a fabulous day it was; the Autumn Wedding Fair at the Barn at Upcote on Sunday. The rain held out, the chickens were about, the suppliers were out in force and of course, lots of wonderful Brides & Grooms to be flocked to the venue for this wonderful event. The atmosphere was vibrant and just in general, it was great to be apart of, as ever. 
Retro Press had the honour of designing all the artwork for the Fair, including the Invite, the massive banner (at the top of the road) and the Welcome sign. As with a wedding itself, it's nice to keep it all consistent and in keeping with the Barn, but also allude to the Autumnal theme, in which they created very well.

Here are a few pics from the Retro stand, the general busyness of the fair and the flowers are courtesy of Jo from Aqua Flowers... ENJOY! And don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. Please check out the supply list at the end of this post.

The Wedding Flowers Meets The Wedding Stationery πŸŒΈπŸ’•

A great day was had by all; myself from Retro Press, Jo from Aqua Flowers and Kate from Little Cheltenham. Upon meeting Jo at a Wedding Fair (at Upcode Barn) & seeing her floristry skills and beautiful arrangements, I just knew that our Wedding services/products would go hand in hand very nicely. The aim of this shoot, which was wonderfully crafted, directed and shot by Kate, was to show you how the initial stages of planning, i.e. the wedding invitations, should match up with the theme and vibe of the Wedding Day itself and all that goes with it, like the flowers and other such decorations. It's so pleasing to see how everything links together and how different fields within the same industry really do compliment each other. 

The photoshoot was done at Aqua's amazing studio, up at Manor Farm - which is set in the most idyllic of surroundings in the middle of the Cotswolds. There were so many great backdrops to choose from, including the luxury of being right next to the cutest little church ever... It was all just so perfect. It was a great day for a Spring/ Summer shoot and I just can't wait for the Autumn/ Winter one now. Here's a few pics of behind the scenes.


We wanted the set of final images to SHOW OFF all aspects of design; the flowers themselves, the stationery items and the photography skills.... It was an absolute JOY to work with both of these suppliers and I couldn't recommend either of them enough - please check out my friends page to find out more about them.

Wedding Invitations from the Kids

Here at Retro, every single invitation that goes out the door is unique to the couple. I get all sorts of requests and create such a different array of stuff- I LOVE it! Whether you're wanting something very traditional or ultra modern, you've found the right place...

The invitation in this post is quite a different one; the couple wanted to use an image that their child had hand drawn for them- super cute!! I worked around this image to create something that had the right tone, was fun and playful. I just love how personalised these are to the couple...

Behind the Scenes Preview Photo Shoot for Wedding Stationery

Well it's been a very productive weekend at Retro Press; what with so many new wedding invitation designs and products flying out the door, I felt it was necessary to get these photographed and out there for you all to see! I went to the Lake District where there is beautiful scenery, backdrops and just so places that compliment my stationery. It was all shot in this amazing Manor House with incredible surfaces, props and delights. Luckily the sun was shining for us, which meant lots of natural shots outside with great lighting too. Please have a look at the below images to get a little insight into the world behind the photographs- which I will be publishing on my website soon in time for a big relaunch.

Upcote Barn Wedding Invitations

So Retro Press has been lucky enough to team up with the wonderful, most idyllic venue; The Barn at Upcote. It is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds and boasts the most fantastic views, surroundings and atmosphere. As soon as I had visited the Barn and met the fantastic couple, Jo & Andrew who run it, I already had a design in mind for some wedding invitations to match and hopefully capture the essence and vibe of the place.

Being that this venue is a converted barn on a very rural landscape, rustic/ vintage styled stationery is the perfect way to reflect this... Think kraft paper, twine and an overall informal yet classic feel. I hand drew an image of the barn which appears at the top of the invitations. I think to have the venue of where you're going to get married on the actual invitations gives them a personal touch and gives your guests an idea to the vibe of the day and it is nice for them to envision the setting. I have designed 2 different styles of invites for this venue; one being the classic pocketfold and the other, a take on the beautiful luggage label. Both styles are great ways of containing lots of information in which you would like to send out to your guests. The colours that I have used are based on the logo of Upcote Barn as I wanted to have some consistency running throughout. Anyway, take a look for yourselves...

If you are getting married at this fantastic venue, please get in touch if you'd like more details about your wedding stationery... The invitations can be tailor made towards you, so we can change the colours, change the wording and even change the font- anything is possible! 

Travel Tag Invitations from the Boutique Collection

Due to popular demand, you can now order your bespoke travel tag wedding invitations "off- the- peg" as it were! These are just great invitations for many reasons; they look amazing, they are a bit different and unique and they are work really well in terms of containing lots of information- you can have as many separate sheets as you wish and they are all beautifully tied together with either ribbon, string or twine.


These are quite modern wedding invitations but the styles can be altered to make them more traditional if you wish. You can order these by going to the Boutique Collection on the website. They are still very much personalised to you as we change the colours, wording and paper stock to match your wants and needs for your big day. Please get in touch if you'd like a free sample.

Personalised Birthday Party Invitations

Our personalised design service is not just limited to wedding stationery here at Retro Press... We do it all, from home cards, moving cards, business cards and specifically, I want to draw your attention to personalised party invitations in this blog post. 
It's very easy to buy shop bought invites these days and these are good for ease and cost efficiency. If however, you want to create the right tone and vibe to your party, I think it's essential to get your invitations made to order. 
As with all of our wedding stationery, nothing is off limits- we can design either traditional or modern invitations depending on your requirements. The ones that I will showcase today were designed in the style of the luggage tag label. As you can, my client had matching letterpress THANK YOU coasters to send to her guests after the big event. If you would like your very own bespoke invitations, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rustic Letterpress Business Cards & Swing Tags

So I don't know if you know, but we also do business stationery here at Retro Press. Whether you want something designed or just printed, you've come to the right place.
If you're looking for that rustic/ vintage feel, why not go authentic and go letterpress?! I always tell my clients that if you're looking for a 'perfect' finish then it's best to go digital (which we also do), but if you want that almost 'stamp' like finish, it's got to be letterpress all the way.
The beauty of letterpress is that you can print almost any material and any card thickness, so our cards tend to be on the thicker paper stocks. This is also why this process is good for swing tags, which I believe need to be of a sturdy stock. We also try to use recycled paper where ever we can too.
Please look at our wide variety that we've printed below. Some we have designed, but some we have just printed for our clients. Please get in touch for prices etc.

Cruise Ticket Wedding Invitations

As you can probably see from our website, we do many different varied designs all the time. From modern to traditional, anything is possible at Retro Press. 
I recently designed and produced some cruise ticket wedding invitations. The couple wanted them to be totally unique and fun... There are two types of invitations for this particular job; one was for the actual cruise and the other one being for the 'land' invite.

I was inspired by the nautical elements of the cruise, hence using a bespoke anchor design with the couple's initials as a symbol recognised throughout the stationery.

So if you're looking for your very own personalised wedding invitations, you have landed on the right page! Please do get in touch with your weird and wonderful ideas and hopefully I can turn them into a reality for you.

Wedding Invitations for The Matara Centre, Gloucestershire.

I've had the pleasure of working on lots of different types of wedding invitations over the years. I've done invitations for places all over the country but some seem to keep popping up so I thought it's good to show you the variety of designs that I do and how much it varies even with the same venue.

The Matara Centre is an absolutely beautiful venue based in the heart of the Cotswolds. It's surrounded by lusheous green gardens and the general feel of the place is just magical. They do very bespoke packages tailored to you, which is what we love at Retro Press. They hold civil ceremonies and unions as well as the more traditional affairs, held in the church that lies just outside the grounds. The image below is curtesy of Bigeye Photography.

the matara centre

The invitations, I believe should match the venue, the styling of the wedding and the overall theme of the big day. Hence why they should always be personalised to each individual couple as everyone is different. Please see the images below of two different sets of wedding invites I have designed and produced for the couples getting married at this wonderful venue. 

As you can see these are quite different. So whether you want the more traditional or indeed 'edgy' styled invitations for your big day at The Matara Centre, please do get in touch with your inquiry as we'd love to help!

Art Deco themed Wedding Invitations & Save the Dates

Art Deco seems to be a popular theme amongst brides, but that doesn't mean to say that you can't make your wedding day unique and totally individual. Why not start with the wedding invitations...!

The ones that I want to showcase in this particular blog piece are (in my opinion) exquisite. We started off by designing Jennifer & David's Save the Dates. These came in form of postcards. Please see below.

art deco save the date

At this point the couple didn't have a particular colour in mind for their stationery, so we went for a splash of duck egg blue for their Save the Dates. For their invitations however, they decided that they wanted to have some bronze foiling. In keeping with the similar design to the Save the Dates, this is what we came up with, see below. The day time invitations came in the form of pocketfold invites, where as the evening invitations were flat (as there was a lot less information to contain). 

Please get in touch for your very own personalised art deco themed wedding invitations. 

Personalised Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Make your invitations that extra bit special with gold foiling. It is a print process that we use here at Retro Press which is unique and means hand printing every single invitation/ piece of stationery by hand. Whether it's just a splash of foil that you want or the whole thing, anything is possible. It's definitely the little touches that make a big difference and impact. The images below don't really do it any justice, so if you'd like some samples, please get in touch with us and we'd be more than happy to send them out to you. In the past we have done gold, rose gold, bronze and silver foiling on the wedding invitations, but any colour is available to match your specific theme and style... 

Gold foiling is a traditional print process so as you can see, these are all quite traditional wedding invitations and stationery. But if you like the finish of gold foil, there is no reason why it can't be applied to something more modern to match your vibe for the day. It just depends upon what look and styling you want. 



For the Rustic Affair

Living in the Cotswolds, we are surrounded by many 'barn' type, rural landscapes and these are becoming ever so more popular for wedding events.

One of my designs in the Boutique Collection range was inspired by this whole theme, feel and vibe; Lapsang Souchang. 

As you can I had these printed on the wonderful kraft paper, although we can print these onto other paper stocks if you'd prefer. I wanted these to be classy yet fun and different. Inspired by the classic luggage label. If you want to create that true rustic feel to your day, these invitations will set the tone very nicely. I also do the matching stationery for the actual day too- so whether you need table signs, orders of service, etc, this can all be designed in the same style. The colours and wording can be adapted to suit your very special day.

Letterpress Labels for Kingsley Leather

So I recently collaborated with Kingsley Leather to produce some customised letterpress swing tags. It was the perfect match of bespoke handcrafted products. Kingsley Leather create some amazing, truly unique items which are also personalised to their clients- please have a look at just some of their finery below:

What I love about these exquisite items is the wonderful imagination, thought and personalisation behind them. I felt privileged to team up with this brand and produce their letterpress labels to go with their products. We printed 400 in total, double sided with the rounded corner finishing. Looking forward to hopefully working some more with Kingsley Leather in the future :)

Planning Your Wedding Stationery

As we all know, there is so much to organise when it comes to wedding planning, sometimes overwhelming even... So I thought that as I've been designing wedding stationery for over a few years now, I could share my knowledge and at least make this side of things a bit easier/ clearer for you! Have a look at the timeline I drew up below to get a rough idea of timings, etc!

In my experience these are about the sort of times you want to start thinking about getting these wedding stationery items done and sent out. I'd say that generally, for bespoke designs, print and production, it takes anything from 2 weeks (start to finish) up to 4/5 weeks, depending on communication, how many tweaks we have to make and whether or not you want a physical or digital proof. To be on the safe side, I'd suggest that you start thinking about what you want a month or two before you want to get them sent out... This is in an ideal world! But hey don't panic if your one of those who leaves things to the last minute- anything is possible and we can turn things around at a high pace and to the highest quality.

In terms of design and production of your wedding stationery, we generally design your package as we go along. So if you're wanting Save the Dates, we obviously do this first off, followed by the invitations and usually clients want to do their stationery for the day at a later stage. We keep everything on file, thus your specific design, typefaces, etc will be used throughout your stationery, making it a beautiful package. This is also helpful when clients order just to have their invitations done with us but later down the line realise that they want more things to match. It makes sense to do the menus, place names, Orders of service etc, much nearer the big day itself so there are no errors or need for re-prints. 

I hope this all makes sense, but please do get in touch if you have any questions. Also, these time frames are not set in stone, it's just a rough guide to helping you plan your day :)

Stationery for The Hollow Bottom, Guiting Power

The beautiful country pub that is The Hollow Bottom in Guiting Power, recently just had a huge refurb and I was lucky enough to work on all of their stationery for them. The brief: to keep it  retro, fresh and with a tint of vintage to match the vibe of place. If you haven't yet been... GO! The food is awesome, the ambience and staff are wicked and the stationery isn't bad either!

So I designed all the menus, which includes the main menu, children's menu, wine list and breakfast. I also did their business cards and bespoke beer matts! Have a look below:

I also had the pleasure of designing and printing their T-shirts, which is the staff's uniform... I think they may also be available for purchase too. Nice little momento! So I wanted them to be totally bespoke to The Hollow Bottom, keeping them fun, informative and of course retro in keeping with the vibe of the pub. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

Business cards for Gloucestershire Magician, Richard Parsons!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the renowned magician Richard Parsons, aka Gloucestershire Magician on his new business cards. The brief: to keep them classy and 'prestige'- I think it would be quite easy to go 'cheesy' with these, which of course we wanted steer right away from. So digitally designed and printed on 400gsm paper, this was the result (see below). 

If you don't know Rich, please check out his work now- He does weddings, corporate events, parties and has a residency once a month in the cool cocktail bar, Lily Gins. Prepare to be A M A Z E D! You can also find out more on Gloucestershire Magician Facebook and get regular updates on Rich's Twitter :)

What a fun project to work on! Enjoy!