Bespoke Wedding Stationery Package

Imagine what Santa feels like in the run the up to Christmas... With all his little elves working their magic and everything being packaged up beautifully, all in time for delivery- absolute chaos! Well, this is what it feels like here at Retro; I'm just in a different season, my clientele is slightly older and I don't have as many elves! It is indeed... ALL GO!

I love designing all the stationery items for the wedding day itself- there's nothing better than seeing a complete, whole package, especially when it all matches. It's these finer details that will not go unnoticed by your guests; it's that personal touch in which they will be wowed. As I always say, the invitations should set the tone and vibe for the wedding, and in turn, the stationery that you see on the day should be reflective of this too and help to create the atmosphere that you originally intended. 

Some people decide that they want to go a little off-piste with their on-the-day stationery and make it a little different to their invitations- which is also fine, as I can do anything here- there are no restrictions; your day should be just as you want it. Even if I haven't designed your invitations, I  can still design anything you need me to.

Please take a look at the pics below, in which I'm showing off a recent wedding stationery package- from the invitations to the table plan, it was a pleasure from the start to finish. Congrats Jenny & Ross!