When it comes to sending out your Save the Dates, it might feel like a tricky one as you have yet to decide on a theme, wedding colours, flowers, etc. If like most, you would of chosen your wedding venue, your wedding date and you will just want to get this out to all of your lovely guests. This is why I have created a cute range of little tags that are inexpensive, varied and more generalised. 

With these tags, you can order them as they are (with your details of course)- I have designed bold ones, modern ones, more traditional ones, girly ones and some calendar type ones. You can change the wording to accommodate your needs, you can choose a different colour for them to be in printed in and you can even mix and match different styles... The choices are endless! Have a look at the below image and if you like what you see, please do have a look at some more designs in the range here. I look forward to hearing from you!