Swallow Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The rustic style of wedding invitations is forever on the surge. They suit the barn type weddings and remember that the invitations really do set the tone for the whole day. They give your guests an indication of what type of event it's going to be. This is why it is so important to get them right.

The invitations that I want to showcase to you in this blog post are of that nature; vintage/ rustic. Using a combination of finishes; the actual invitation was letterpress printed on kraft paper, to give that 'stamp' like quality. As every single invite was hand printed, not one is exactly the same. That's the beauty of letterpress printing. The info and RSVP sheets were digitally printed on white textured paper. As you can see, they are held together by string. There is the option to have ribbon or twine with these type of invitations. If I had to put these into a category, I would say that these are travel tag invitations, which are great ways in themselves of containing all the bits of information together. 

If you'd like your very own custom wedding invitations designing, you've come to the right place... Please get in touch for more details.