Customising your wedding invitations

I believe that it is very important to have your wedding stationery personalised to you. It's a very special event and therefore why wouldn't you make it memorable?! Everyone is different of course and everyone has their own certain vision as to what they want for their wedding day, naturally. This is why I have designed the Boutique Collection range in which there are 10 very different design to choose from. They are basically starting points for your bespoke wedding stationery. You can edit the wording to suit you, you can have them printed on our selection of paper stocks and the colours can be altered to match your day and theme. 

To give you an idea of what I mean by this, I am showcasing the Sencha suite for you (see below).

Now I understand that these probably won't be your specific colours for your day. But if you like the overall vibe and design, we work with that to produce your ultimate invitations. I have mocked up some examples of this suite in different colours and papers below.

If you are torn between 2 different designs, I will happily mock up a digital proof for you in both designs to see which one you prefer- sometimes it is better to see a design in your colours to decide which one you want to go for. I have many samples of these invitations so if you want to check out the quality etc, don't hesitate to get in touch!