Letterpress Wedding Coasters

So on the website there is a selection of different template wedding coasters for you to choose from. These are digital designs of the finished products which are letterpress printed. The letterpress finish is very distinct and naturally has that lovely textured feel to it. 

When choosing the template design that you like, bear in mind that you can choose the colour of your choice to match your wedding day. You can also tweak the wording/ add text if needs be. To give you an idea of a finished letterpress coaster, please see below an image of the template displayed on my website (style: Sarah), and then below it an image of some finished coasters printed for a lovely bride to be.

These letterpress coasters, I think, are great and unique ways of sending out your Save the Dates. They are memorable, hard to loose and unusual. 

We also do bespoke wedding coasters, so if you've got a particular vision in mind, please do get in touch to see what we can do for you. If you've already got something designed yourselves, we are will be very happy to print them for you. We've also done wedding coasters as invitations, place names and table names in the past so they are very versatile. If you'd like some samples, just ask!