Letterpress Kraft Business Cards

Here at Retro, we do a lot of business stationery as well as wedding stationery. Whether you want your business cards designing or just printing, we do both. The differences between letterpress printed cards and digital are quite distinct; with digital printing, you will always get a clean, perfect finish. With letterpress printing, it is never perfect- some cards may be more heavily inked, some may be quite faded and there can also be little excess ink spots on the cards; it's the authentic rustic/ hand crafted finish that you get with this process.

With the business cards showcased in this post, the client sent through their design and requested edge printing to match their branding. The edge printing that we do here, again is not a 'clean' finish... There will always be a bit of bleed onto the cards which enhance that more 'rough', craft finish to the cards.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require your cards printing or indeed designing (letterpress, gold foil or digital).