Save the Date Wedding Coasters

So we have a selection of different coaster designs to chose from on our website... But if none of them take your fancy, we are very happy to do a bespoke design for you. The options are endless. We are constantly designing new coasters all the time, so even if you take one as a starting point, that'll work nicely. 

The digital version you see online isn't the exact representation of what the real coasters will look like. This is because each and every one is individually hand printed letterpress. They have a texture about them and a quality unachievable via digital printing. Some coasters may be more heavily inked than others and some may be really faded. This is the beauty of letterpress; it's never perfect. To show you an example of this, a recent bride really like the overall design of 'Jessica', but wanted the font from 'Martha' as the 'Save the Date' font.... See digital versions below.

Thus, we designed a digital proof for the bride and once approved we got into the studio to print the final letterpress coasters. Please see below. We hope you love as much as we do :) To find out more please visit our website.

letterpress wedding save the date coaster