For the more traditional affair...!

I think Retro Press has a reputation for designing quite bold & modern wedding stationery... Which we do do a lot of yes! But we also design & produce some very traditional wedding invitations. An invitation itself should reflect the venue of the wedding and the overall styling of the actual day. For instance, you wouldn't have kraft/ rustic type invitations if you are getting married in an elegant hotel & spa, but for a barn wedding on the other hand, these would be perfect! I believe it's very important to match everything up so that it comes together nicely on the big day. This is why the invitations are very important- they set the tone for the wedding/ event and give your guests a little insight into what to expect without giving all the wonderful surprises away.
Have a look at just some of the example past traditional wedding invitations we have done in the past. The pink and green pocketfold invitations feature gold foiling, which adds to classic nature of them. If you've got something in mind for your invitations, whether they're modern, traditional, or a bit of both, please do get in touch with any queries.