The Luggage Tag Wedding Invitation

The luggage or travel tag wedding invitation is probably the most popular style we do here at Retro Press. Why you might ask? Well, I think it's for a number of reasons. 

They are great because first and foremost they are a little bit different from the norm, thus making them unique products in themselves. 

The luggage tag is a fantastic way of having lots of information tied together in a creative way. I have designed one invitation in which had 4 'pages' to it; the invitation itself being the first, the menu second, other relevant info third (accommodation, travel, gifts) and the RSVP last. It's also nice to a 'cover page' with just the couples names on the front. Once the RSVP slip has been returned, all other pages can be held together and not lost, as this can easily happen with loose bits of paper.

It's easy to match the colour scheme of the wedding with the invitations also; adding different coloured ribbon and of course the print.

The travel tag style could be thought of as quite vintage and yes this is certainly true; we can print them on the brown kraft paper no problem and also design them in a more 'vintage/ rustic way'. See the below image as an example:

... But you can also go with a more 'formal' look and feel; the format of the invitations doesn't dictate the style, the design does. To give you an idea of a more 'traditional' style, have a look at the mock up invite below:

So whether you want more of a classic looking invitation or modern, I would highly recommend the luggage/ travel tag style for your wedding invitations. Please do get in touch if you want anymore info, I'd love to design yours!