Planning Your Wedding Stationery

As we all know, there is so much to organise when it comes to wedding planning, sometimes overwhelming even... So I thought that as I've been designing wedding stationery for over a few years now, I could share my knowledge and at least make this side of things a bit easier/ clearer for you! Have a look at the timeline I drew up below to get a rough idea of timings, etc!

In my experience these are about the sort of times you want to start thinking about getting these wedding stationery items done and sent out. I'd say that generally, for bespoke designs, print and production, it takes anything from 2 weeks (start to finish) up to 4/5 weeks, depending on communication, how many tweaks we have to make and whether or not you want a physical or digital proof. To be on the safe side, I'd suggest that you start thinking about what you want a month or two before you want to get them sent out... This is in an ideal world! But hey don't panic if your one of those who leaves things to the last minute- anything is possible and we can turn things around at a high pace and to the highest quality.

In terms of design and production of your wedding stationery, we generally design your package as we go along. So if you're wanting Save the Dates, we obviously do this first off, followed by the invitations and usually clients want to do their stationery for the day at a later stage. We keep everything on file, thus your specific design, typefaces, etc will be used throughout your stationery, making it a beautiful package. This is also helpful when clients order just to have their invitations done with us but later down the line realise that they want more things to match. It makes sense to do the menus, place names, Orders of service etc, much nearer the big day itself so there are no errors or need for re-prints. 

I hope this all makes sense, but please do get in touch if you have any questions. Also, these time frames are not set in stone, it's just a rough guide to helping you plan your day :)