Stationery for The Hollow Bottom, Guiting Power

The beautiful country pub that is The Hollow Bottom in Guiting Power, recently just had a huge refurb and I was lucky enough to work on all of their stationery for them. The brief: to keep it  retro, fresh and with a tint of vintage to match the vibe of place. If you haven't yet been... GO! The food is awesome, the ambience and staff are wicked and the stationery isn't bad either!

So I designed all the menus, which includes the main menu, children's menu, wine list and breakfast. I also did their business cards and bespoke beer matts! Have a look below:

I also had the pleasure of designing and printing their T-shirts, which is the staff's uniform... I think they may also be available for purchase too. Nice little momento! So I wanted them to be totally bespoke to The Hollow Bottom, keeping them fun, informative and of course retro in keeping with the vibe of the pub. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.