Wedding Inspiration of the Week: Art Deco Wedding

I recently went to a fab wedding that was themed around the 1920's. It was fantastic; the men dressed in waistcoats and suits and the women all in either 'flapper girl' style dresses or lacy numbers, with feathers galore of course. It's a great theme for a wedding and thus inspired me to create a few mood boards focused on this wonderful era of Art Deco/ Novae. As I have stressed before in other posts, it is important to set the right tone for the day, so the wedding stationery must reflect this from the start.

The design around this time was very geometric and quite bold/ grand. The colours were quite regal, with golds, purples, blacks and pastel pinks. The type has a definite look and feel to it too. Please enjoy our wedding inspiration of the week and please do get in touch if you want your very own bespoke Art Deco styled wedding stationery.