Wedding Inspiration of the week: Green

When designing the wedding stationery, I believe that it is important to firstly have a clear vision of the wedding day itself. Whether you want a vintage themed wedding, a traditional affair or even a more simple one, it's key in defining the type of wedding stationery you're after.

The wedding stationery sets the tone for the day; upon receiving an invitation from a couple, the guests instantly get a feel to the kind of wedding they are going to attend. This is why it is so important to get it right, from the get go; it's all about the first impressions. 

Each and every week I am going to do a little piece on a different themed wedding. This week has been inspired by the colour green. Whether your colour scheme is green, orange or purple, I want to give you an idea of the process here at Retro and maybe inspire you too :)

Living in the heart of the cotswold's, it's hard to avoid the lushous green countryside is all around us... You've gotta love it! So I created a little mood board with wedding images, flowers and colour swatches. This is a great way of starting the ideas process, so when coming to Retro in mind of your bespoke wedding stationery, please do send over any images you like, whether it be other stationery, the colour of your dress/ bridesmaid dress, cake, flowers, etc- all is very useful when it comes to the designing process. I can then get a good feel to what you're after, making less room for error on your first design proof.

The mood board gives direction, thus from there, I have created a page of sample type and a page of images that I relate to the green colour scheme. Please take a look at the below images and enjoy!

Kate xx