Letterpress Posters!

Inspired by that big V day (valentine's), I have designed and printed a limited edition of letterpress prints. It was just an excuse to get a bit creative, get my hands dirty and indulge myself in my woodtype collection. I tried to stay away from cheesy and keep them fun, light hearted and aesthetically pleasing, of course!

Have a look at the whole range below.. 5 of them are to available to purchase directly from the shop, some are not on there but they are the same price as the others- just get in touch if you want to buy one. Each are of a limited run- there are no more than 10 prints of each. 

Every single print is unique, with it's very own markings on it. This is because of the wonderful letterpress process- no 2 prints are ever the same... For example, look at the below image! 

If you want a bespoke print doing, with a specific quote that's special to you, just give me a shout!