Cheltenham Art // Bold // Italic // Never Regular Exhibition

I was lucky enough to showcase some of my work in this fantastic show put on by Lex from Feather Studio's. It was held in a newly restored building in the centre of Cheltenham, in which was perfect in creating a very rustic, cool vibe to the exhibition.

There was a lot of variety in the show, from huge canvas prints to beautiful little hand- drawn pieces. Much of the work came from students from The University of Gloucestershire, so it was a great place for them to get their work out their before their summer exhibitions. 

Have a look at some of the work below...

I hope you can feel the good vibes from these pics because it was just great! It was hard to know what to submit into the show, so I did 2 very different pieces, both of course, showing off the beauties of letterpress. The 'pinapple' print is clearly a bold, bright piece, whereas the 'little things' is definitely more subtle (and very hard to photograph). Have a look below. The prints are for sale but they are limited editions, so please get in touch if you wanna find out more.

Congrats and HUGE love to Lex!!