Letterpress Business Cards

As well as wedding stationery,we also do a lot of business stationery here at Retro Press.

Whether you have your logo/ design already to go or whether you want us to design it, we will letterpress print it, no problem!

In the instance that I am showcasing, I had total freedom when it came to the design of both the front and back of the business cards in question. This was the initial brief from the client: "I want to keep things super simple but would also like an input from yourselves"... My favourite kind!

Here is the letterpress set up below:

After a few amendements to the back, we were good to go! Each and every one was hand printed, thus giving them that unique quality digital printing cannot attain. I'm very happy with the finished product and it's great to deal with other local creatives. For more info on getting your cards letterpress printed, get in touch.