Daisy themed Pocketfold wedding invitations

The pocketfold wedding invitation is a great way of containing all information in a beautiful, succinct way. We have designed and produced many invitations in this format in the past and this is our latest one.

My client specifically wanted the colour yellow incorporated into the design along with daisy's. They wanted to keep them quite traditional and sent us this image below as a starting point to show us the kind of thing they liked.

It's always great when clients send us images of outside inspirations, just so we can get a good idea of the direction in which to take, in terms of style, etc. From this, we had a pretty clear vision of what the final invitations would look like, incorporating the design with the pocketfold invite. 

Please have a look at the finished invitations below... We are very excited to do the rest of the stationery such as the place names, etc, closer to the time.