The Luggage Tag Wedding Invitation!

This style of wedding invitation; the luggage tag or travel label is definitely a favourite of mine, and as you can see from just a few examples above, the bride's too! 

What is so great about this style then?

- First and foremost, they look fantastic and they're certainly different to your standard folded wedding invitation.

- You can colour co-ordinate the ribbon/ ink to match the specific theme of your wedding day.

- You can simply add to the tags (or minus- say if the evening invites didn't need as much info) and hold it neatly together with the ribbon.

- The invitation works well as a stand alone item or indeed a package.

- The actual shape of the invitation allows for as much or as little info intended.

- You can go traditional or contemporary and also mix up it up too... Endless possibilites! 

- And of course, it's vintage, retro and fun!

Due to the high demand of these Luggage Tag Wedding Invitations, I have designed a template based upon this style. This includes the whole range, starting from the Save The Dates, the Invitations themselves, separate RSVP slips (if necessary), Order of Service covers and Table Numbers. They can be used as a design starting point for couples or indeed you can order them as is. The wording can be changed to suit you and also the colour and paper stock can vary too. You can order just one piece in the range, or if you do decide to purchase more than 4 items, a fabulous 20% will be taken off the total. There is no minimum or maximum orders. Have a look at the new range below...

If you like the look/ style of this wedding stationery set, please have a look further on our website (where we have many more different designs), which will give you all the information about prices, personalisation and ordering.... ENJOY!