Wedding Invitation Templates NOW available!


So I've decided start a little range of wedding invitation template designs. I have created them in the same style to all of my work- quirky, bold, rustic and different to most other wedding stationers. They have all been designed digitally, but it's clear to see the letterpress influence creeping into the work. 

I have taken inspiration from wedding invitations I've designed in the past, the vintage look twisted with a modern feel. 

This range is slightly cheaper than the bespoke letterpress service that I provide here at Retro Press. When ordering these invitations, one must bear in mind that unless specified, these will be digitally printed. However, the beauty of these templates, is that if you wanted them to be letterpress printed, I can easily do this for you too (but the prices will increase).  

I've been wanting to design these wedding templates for a while because it makes it easier for the clients whilst still giving that personal service-- all the invites can be tweeked to whatever wording you like, you can chose your paper and of course colours to match your theme and desires. 

I will be adding to the range over time as I just love designing new invitations and keeping it fresh, contemporary and those creative juices flowing! It also helps when couples want totally bespoke invitations as they can look at what I can do/ have done, mix and match certain invites, get inspired by the varying designs and maybe use one as a starting point. 

Please do have a nosey at our new wedding invitations online now and don't hesitate to get in touch with any further questions you may have.