Earl's & Co Cheltenham


Earl's & Co, if you didn't know, is an amazing traditional Barber's shop and woman's beauty salon in the heart of Cheltenham. They provide a fantastic service, making their customers feel right a home with a cheeky glass of whisky or champagne to sip on whilst having their treatments done- genius! The mood is retro, the vibe is relaxed and it is just THE place to go if you're after a good old pampering sesh! I love the decor (see pics below), the atmosphere and their unique style- it is no ordinary salon that's for sure! They host fab hen parties and for other such occasions- especially christmas parties at this time of year. 

As you can imagine, I was so chuffed to have been asked to do some stationery for this cool, independent barber's shop & beauty salon. The brief: to keep it retro/ vintage and obviously match the style and aesthetics of the place. I designed and printed their new business cards, along with some signage to go on the doors and coasters in which one can pop one's lovely warming whisky upon. Delightful! It has been a pleasure working with Jess and the team and I look forward to doing some more work with them in the future. Have a look at their website to find out more & to book an appointment. Check out the work I've done for them below and please get in touch with me if you need anything for your business, whether it be business cards, comp slips, labels... anything!