Hump Day Hurray!

I think I skipped last week's 'Hump Day' post- apologies, it's been crazy busy!! So I thought I'd show what I was doing a week ago today instead of writing this...

In one of my previous posts, I did an informal interview with Tom from Cotswold Vintage Scoop, telling you all about the retro, amazing ice cream vans he has has for hire for wedding and other events. And now he is embarking upon doing workshops, in which you get to learn the craft of making these wonderful ice creams for yourself! These would be great for hen parties, birthday/ christmas presents or just for fun! Soooo, in order to keep the vibe vintage and retro, Tom asked me to design and print some letterpress vouchers and posters for this... Have a look at the below pictures which show some of the letterpress process.

This was my brief from Tom:

"The voucher needs to have my logo (Cotswold Vintage Scoop), scream fun, premium and retro/vintage."

This is my favourite kind of brief and right up my street. I had the freedom to do what I liked once I had all the copy for the artwork. I had a lot fun printing these although I did every colour separately, so the end product of 50 vouchers were hand pressed in total of 250 times individually!! And that's not including all the 'duff' ones either!! But I think they were worth it- take a look below.

So as you can see, it's not just wedding stationery that I do here, but anything and everything I can letterpress, I will; whether it be for business, fun or home. I've dug out some old bits and pieces that I've done in the past to demonstrate the wide range of work I do and love :) If you've got anything in mind, give us a bell!