Vintage Travel Wedding Invitations.

I want to give you a little insight into the process behind what I do here at Retro Press and show you the behind the scenes work that goes into making my clients their dream, personalised wedding stationery come true. 

I'm going to go through a recent letterpress wedding invitation that I designed and printed from start to finish.. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed doing them!

So below are a few images that the bride sent to me that she'd seen & liked on the web... This is a great way of really seeing what style and design the couple want and what better way to start than with visuals- even if it's not invitations themselves, but particular patterns, colours, motifs. This sets the tone for the design and then we are both clear in which direction to go. Either way though, I'm happy to design completely from scratch but it's always good to have a reference point so that we're on the same page!

With these in mind and with the understanding that Becca liked the 'luggage tag' format, I went straight to my type collection and began to lay out the design. 

The above shows you the initial set up and first proof. This proofing stage is vital and I always try and get it as close to the final design as possible. This then gets sent to the couple to view and hopefully approve! Within the costs of a wedding design, the clients get to make as many changes to the first proof as they want- whether it be a wording alteration, layout, type or design. After this there is a £15 charge for any further changes after the second proof, but we normally get it right either straight away or second time round!

As you can see with this particular invitation, I took inspiration from certain aspects of the images they to me in the beginning (like the arrows and contemporary style) and translated it into a tailored, personalised design for this couple in mind. They loved it but wanted to make a few minor adjustments- such as taking some arrows out and adding a heart into the design. Easy! 

I designed the day invitations first to ensure that they were right and then the evening invites came second, which were just amended versions of the day, with just different text, but same layout. This is done at a wee design fee of £20 as I have to re- set the type and of course send you a proof.

With budget and costing in mind, we went for digital design and print for the RSVP and 'info' slips. I designed these in mind of the day and night letterpress invitations so that they didn't look to be part of a separate package or simply an after thought- they were carefully crafted and put together to be as one. 

And above are the final products, which I must say, I love! Thank you guys for being amazing to work with and your kind words as seen on my page at

If you're thinking of getting your very own personalised wedding stationery, check out some of the other letterpress invites I've done in the past and get in touch with any queries.