Letterpress Postcards meets Culpepper & Co

As well as designing and printing personalised wedding stationery, I also use my powers to print anything I can get my grubby mits on... Enter Tash from Culpepper & Co!! Tash is a fantastic designer who does a lot of logo work and amazing illustrations within that. I've recently letterpress printed two separate jobs for Tash, and I must say that I'm very pleased at how they both came out as the designs worked really well letterpressed. Go and seek Tash out at www.culpepperandcompany.co.uk- she is greatttt and amazing to work with! Check out some of the letterpress stationery I printed for her below.

So whether it's letterpress comp slips you're after, letterpressn business cards or letterpress home cards, we do it all! I can give you advice on the paper and colours- all you need to do is to send me the file of what you want printing and I'll turn it around for you as quick as poss, as easy as that really! Just give me a bell.