It's all in the details

At Retro, we do our best to offer anything and everything when it comes to making your wedding stationary extra special. If the budget is restrictive, but you want to still feel they’ve got that little something fancy, there’s always an ‘extra’ to consider. Or, if the worlds your oyster and you just want to go all out, then this is the perfect page of the website for you! 


Somewhat Retro’s specialty – foiling is the pinnacle of the ‘extras’. Foiling is a handmade, hand pressed, hot process involving a plate - that combined with a layer of foil, creates a debossed impression on the paper. It’s a totally different feel and look to digital printing. It’s tactile and striking, and the top dog of finishes for stationery. Most commonly, foil is in the spectrum of metallic, so gold, silver, copper etc. and these shades are perfect for wedding stationery; elegant, modern, luxurious… all the big boy adjectives! But foil comes in every shade … we can go mint green, neon, or even translucent … there is so much choice when it comes to colour. And what makes foiling so amazing is its broadens the spectrum for paper stock. If heavyweight, textured, hand pressed paper is your thing, then its foiling that makes that possible. Whether it’s your names on the invite, a motif on the name places for the tables, the date on the order of service, anything and everything has the option to be foiled. This process is totally hand made in my studio, and we’ve had couples who include it on just the main invitation – to couples that have had foiling running from save the date all the way through the day stationery and finishing on the thank you cards, so it’s a really versatile ‘extra’ … and worth every penny.

Blind Debossing

Personally, we’d say this is the coolest ‘extra’ on the list, but maybe we’re just bias. Blind debossing is when the text is quite literally pressed into the paper, but most distinctively, it has no colour. It’s the same process used in hot foiling, where an impression is applied from the plate onto the paper, but, without foil. It’s contemporary, cool, and most importantly – different. It’s a really effective on coloured paper, as well as white; the depth of the impression carries its weight where, you may think it would lack without colour. From Save the Dates, through to on the Day Stationery – Blind debossing can feature where ever you like. I dare you to deboss

Addressed Envelopes

Something that’s often forgotten is the big job ahead … Writing the addressed envelopes once your invites arrive and are ready to go to all your lovely guests. Now if your lucky enough to have neat handwriting, or maybe the kids are desperate to get involved (great excuse for misspelling and wonky lines!) then this ‘extra’ may not be for you, but for a small cost, we can arrange all envelopes to be printed with your guests addresses. We can colour match the envelope, use the same fonts and styling of your invite and make sure it’s all very in keeping. We’ve got you thinking now haven’t we ….

wedding invitations

Guest Names on Invites

Similar to the above …. This is an ‘extra’ to cut out masses of time for you, and the room for human error. It can often be forgotten - that should you not opt in for printed names, it means it’s down to you guys (or the kids, the dog… the neighbours mum) to hand write them. Again, a great way to inject a personal touch, especially if your blessed with neat handwriting, but if you’re now getting the fear, then take away that worry of spelling it wrong or having that smudgy mess you make if you’re a leftie and get us to print the names for you. 

Wax Stamps

One of my favourite additions to stationery – is the wax stamp. It’s such a traditional method but can be made so contemporary with the right design, wax colour tone, and positioning. Try to get the Stark and Lanister motif from Game of Thrones out of your head, erase the typical matte red wax, and think of rich golds and silvers, or bright greens and pinks, and couple that with modern monogrammed initials … super cool and, most importantly, totally bespoke and unique. This method is created completely by hand, from melting the wax to creating the wax impression. No two are ever the same; there’s no such thing as perfect when it comes to hot melted wax! So, if perfect imperfection is your kinda thing, wax stamps should be big consideration for your stationery. 

Hand Torn Edging

Ooooooh, this is a super cool ‘extra’. Another handmade process that it gives such a stylish finish to your stationery. This extra becomes all about the paper stock, finding that textured, handmade, born to be torn kind of paper! It’s got a luxurious feel to it, and with the addition and hand torn edges, it creates a feel to your invites that’s really different. What’s great about hand torn edges? Its works for a rustic theme, and the luxury theme; it’s all in the design when it comes to making the edges compliment the invite. Something to consider …

Belly Bands

Now take the slightly unappetising ‘Belly’ out the name and suddenly they became much more elegant sounding! Belly Bands can be both functional, and decorative. They’re a great way to hold the invite together in terms of your details and rsvp sheets. Or, quite simply they just finish an invite off like the perfect cherry on top. They could be monogrammed, have the name of the venue, the date of the big day, something memorable between you both, an in joke that no one else could figure out, an illustration of your beloved fur baby ... to be honest, the list is endless! 

Envelope Liners

Now, if you want to create a sense of excitement, or set the tone for what’s to come… an envelope liner is the perfect ‘extra’. It’s no necessity, it’s a total luxury, but one worth considering if you want that wow factor. They beauty of the envelope liner is the sky’s the limit. Take a hint of colour from the invite, maybe a map of the area where your venue is, or maybe something totally random, either way it’s your chance to just path the way to the big day. Just remember, the liner doesn’t encroach on the invitation at all, so my suggestion? Go big or go home.

Bull Dog Clips

Traditionally, its ribbon or twine that finishes off the invitation and holds it all together, quite literally. But, if your style of design is quite contemporary – then consider the investment of a bulldog clip to bring it together. Bright colours, or classics, I’ll find you the perfect colour clip! And what’s great about it, is your guest has a little memento to keep and brighten up that desk of theirs! Gone are the days of rounded, black, office depot type bull dog clips, and maybe it should be you that starts the new office trend!