Step by Step...

In terms of production, the process will vary, but in terms of where we start and the finished product are much the same, so here’s an idea of how we go from Initial Design – to your beautiful Wedding Invitations.


The Consultation

This is one of my favourite parts! Upon sieving through my website and getting a feel of what styles suit your preference – I always encourage an initial meeting. It’s essential for me to know who you are, as individuals and as the Bride and Groom to be. This is your Big Day after all and you want your Save the Dates to set the tone … and for the Invitation to epitomise YOU and just what your guests can expect from your Wedding Day.
I can get a feel for what you’re looking for, you can get to know me and how I work, we can look through tonnes of sample invites; the textures of paper, sizes, how it looks when it will arrive through your guest’s letter boxes … it’s all these little details that may seem insignificant, but I think its key to getting off on the right footing. But, if you’re a million miles away, jet setters, or just busy bees – fear not, that’s what skype, emails or just a good old fashioned phone call is for!

So get in touch and lets start the Big Wedding Day ball rolling.


Initial Design Concepts

This is the fun bit! After deciding on either something from the Tailored Collection, or taking inspiration from the Bespoke Designs, coupled with all your own ideas and influences, I’ll get to work on the first draft. I’ll ask you for the crucial info and details (don’t worry I have a very user friendly form!) and set about putting everything together into something special.


Deliberation & Fine Tuning

This is where we get down to the nitty gritty! We’ll have the overall design in place, and it’s here that we tweak everything so it’s absolutely perfect. Never be afraid to let me know if your unhappy with something or there’s anything you’d like changed, that’s exactly what this part of the process is for.


Final Proof & Sign Off

So, the design, paper stock, style, theme and information is all confirmed, the final design and layout has been OK’d and it’s time for the final check. I send you a digital proof for you to read over with a fine-tooth comb; dates, spellings, details – you read it all through, and sign off that you are happy, and we go to PRINT!



This is my favourite part! Once printed, this is the stage where I’m squirreled away in my studio turning our design into your beautiful finished product. Every corner cut, hole punched, twine knot tied and every crease folded is lovingly done by hand, by me. Whether it’s for 30 or 300 … its personally finished down to the very last stage. This is the longest process of them all, so as you can appreciate time scales will vary depending on what overall style we’ve chosen.


 Hey Presto – Job Done! (for now)

This is the exciting bit for YOU! They’re ready to be delivered! It’s all lovingly wrapped and packed and shipped out to the destination of your choice ready for you to send to your eagerly awaiting guests. So, if we’re just at Save the Date stage – then next comes the Wedding Invitations, and if we have both of those under our belt then it’s time to think about Day Stationery…! Don’t worry – it might feel like lots to think about, but that’s what I’m here for.