What's your price range?

There is a set price list for the Tailored Collection. Download this here.
The Bespoke Design Collection is totally individual depending upon specifications of the products, thus it is very much varied and difficult to put a number on it until I have all the relevant information. I charge a flat design fee for this service, which starts at £150 and there are separate print & production costs. 

Can we make changes to the Tailored Collection and does this cost anything?

Absolutely- that's the beauty of the collection- it's a starting point more than anything. You can adapt the colours & words to suit your Big Day. And this is totally free of charge, including a digital proof design. If you want to make vast additions- like create a bespoke logo for instance, there will be an additional flat design fee of £50.

How do we pay you?

Bank transfers via BACS.

What types of printing can you do at Retro Press?

Digital, letterpress & gold foiling.

What's the turnaround time from initial contact to receiving the goods?

The Tailored Collection can be turned around as quickly as 10 days- from a digital personalised proof, to production, to delivery. 
The Bespoke Designs varies; but I recommend contacting me 2 months prior to when you want them. I'm not saying it always takes that long to produce, but it depends upon communication, the design, the finished product etc. If something needs to be produced relatively quickly, I will always endeavour to accommodate your needs in any way I can.
Certains processes and finishes take longer to produce, for instance gold foiling and the pocketfold Wedding Invitations, so it's good to take these things into account.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, but the lower the quantity, naturally, the higher the cost.

Can you provide samples?

Samples of the Save the Dates, Invitations, Information and RSVP slips from the Tailored Collection are readily available, just let me know which sample you would like and I will send them off to you straight away.
I have many many samples of previous Bespoke Wedding Invitations, from pocketfolds, to travel invites, to gold foil. I'm happy to send these samples to you via post (just let me know what type of invite you'd like to see), alternatively I will always have many samples with me upon our meeting. 
If you would like a customised sample to be made, this will incur charges.

Is it just wedding stationery that you do?

No, I design for all events and occasions, including: anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, engagement parties, hen do's, corporate events, birth announcements , christenings, home cards, business cards, change of address cards etc.

When should I send out the Save the Dates/ Invitations?

From past experience, I'd recommend 8-12 months before the wedding for your Save the Date cards and  4-8 months before for your Invitations. For social events, 3 months before the event.

I do get some panicked brides-to-be come to me as late as 2-3 months before the wedding- this is a rush but it's still totally viable and possible- so do not worry!

How many invitations should I order?

I always recommend 1 per household, couple or individual. I would also order an extra 15% to be on the safe side- incase you've forgotten about anyone, keepsake, etc. Ordering low quantities at a later date can be a costly process.

Can you design our invitations or other day stationery even if you haven't been involved from the start?

Yes, absolutely! I pride myself on being flexible and hopefully being able to do anything that anyone throws at me...

Can you do other stationery bits and bobs that are not showcased on your website?

Yes, most definitely! I do everything, from the invitations themselves, to the thank you cards, to favour tags to wrap around your generous gifts and everything in between. 

Your designs are quite modern, do you do more traditional invitations also?

Yes I do... I embrace all types of design and I understand that some people would like the more traditional style invite. Please have a look at some previous examples in the Bespoke Design section.

Do you do lined envelopes?

Yes and to match your stationery- for both the Tailored Collection and the Bespoke Design.

What extras/ embellishments do you offer?

- Matching ribbon
- Twine
- Lace
- Stickers
- Belly bands
- String

If there is anything that you specifically would like which is not on that list, just let me know and I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Do you do signage for the actual day?

Yes I do! I can design it to match the rest of your stationery also.

What's the best way to get in touch?

Please send me an email with any queries to: kate@retropress.org or fill out the form on the contact page. I very much look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you.

Can you just print our invitations/ stationery if we send you our design?

I’m afraid that I don’t provide a print only service. I pride myself in being part of the process from start to finish, building up relationships along the way and essentially, I know what will and won’t work and I always like to manage all expectations.