We’ve found over the years that it’s very easy for couples to get closer and closer to the Big Day and realise that things like the Place Settings, Menus, Table Plans, the Order of Service and General Signage for the day all need to be organised!

And of course… this is where Retro comes in. Generally, we stick with the theme of the Invitations and use that as a template almost, for all things day stationery. Colour ways, patterns, even paper stocks can all be appropriated into the stationery. However, if you had something totally different in mind – then I say go for it! The process will be similar to the invitations, in terms of design time and approval – then I start working on getting it all into production.

As a guide … the typical necessary things you’ll need are:

Order of Service

Places Names

Tables Plan

Table Names

Individualised Menus


Thank You Cards

But... whatever you want, Retro can accommodate! Posters or banners, silly signage, even door handle signs… just don’t be afraid to ask-

We do love a challenge!

As we’ve mentioned, it’s pretty common for this to be a bit of ‘Last Minute’ job – so this is a gentle nudge from day one that this is something to consider! The wonderful thing about it is; it can be done long after the Save the Dates and Invitations… so when it comes to cost – the Stationery bill won’t seem to steep. Below are a variety of examples of the kind of stationery we’ve worked over the years.