The Tailored Collection

As the years have gone on, and my client list has grown – it became clear that the variation between one couple to the other is extensive. Not only in tastes and style choices – but in indecision and creative thinking!

It was from here that the Tailored Collection grew. I wanted to design a series of invites, that are classic – but still interesting, traditional – and most importantly, unique to you.

The idea behind this collection is to reduce the indecision between you both, or at least give you a starting point. A clear and defined style that you love, so I can gauge in which direction to point you in – whether that’s adapting a tailored design to fit your details for the day, or guide you down the bespoke road because your vision is totally different to any of these. 

Within this collection there are 5 variations – so all we do is adapt these to incorporate your information and details for the Big Day. The other big plus to this collection is that the design time is reduced dramatically, as the template for the invitation is already there. The colours, wording and paper can all be adapted free of charge to suit you and your wedding.

 So if you’re looking for a beautiful invite that’s more cost effective, please do have a look through the collection. From here, all you've got to do is; fill in the form on the contact page with the design details of the one that catches your eye and we will go from there. Samples can be sent free of charge so you can view the quality for yourselves. 

Take a look at the Price List here.