Who is retro press...

Retro Press is run by me, Kate, from my home studio based in the Cotswolds. All my invitations are designed and meticulously hand finished here.

I started Retro in 2012 after my love affair with Letter Press began during my time at Camberwell College of Arts. I Graduated and went on to do an internship at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee – this ultimately shaped the rest of my life. I came home, and after much hard work, opened my first studio, and Retro Press was born. I spent my first few years perfecting my craft and loving every minute of it. From custom prints to business stationery, you name, I did it. A close friend then asked me to design bespoke invitations for her Big Day, and it was here, that I really considered the big world of Wedding Stationery as my main focus. 

Since committing Retro Press to Wedding Stationery, my goal has been very simple; to combine my love of design, with making you, 'the Bride or Groom to be', just as excited to receive your wedding stationery, as you are about putting on that perfect dress or suit for the first time. I do believe that the stationery is in fact, just as important as the dress, the cake, flowers, the venue et al.

All these little things come together to make the BIG day.

If you think about it, the Save The Date's or the Invitations are the first things that your wedding guests receive, thus totally setting the tone for your special day, so it’s essential to get these right and ensure they create the same wonderful vibes as the wedding itself.

As for me?

I’m all about Stationery; from pens and papers, to notebooks, everything... you name it, I’m obsessed with it all. I’m a real foody, with a Greek theme taking president at almost every meal (I’m half Greek in case that seemed random) an Espresso martini is the way to my heart, or a flat white if it’s not cocktail hour! I love a good boxset or gritty BBC drama, and musically its anything from Bowie to NAO. I’m on tattoo no.15 (much to my mum’s dismay!) and most recently I became a mum to the most perfectly imperfect dachshund, Lewi. He’s my life!

I surround myself with stationery bliss, family, and great food.

I love talking to clients, but I love meeting up more, getting to know you and grasping a good sense of who you are so we can create something together that epitomises you.

So please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you:



Hi! I’m Lauren – Kate's partner in crime. I’m only a very small part of Retro; a part timer at best.

I’m called in when there’s 100’s of corners to be cut, holes to punched, twine to be tied and everything else that goes into a piece of hand crafted Retro Press stationery. Kate usually leaves me to wrap and package Retro parcels, so if your impressed by that bit – I’m owed the credit!

I’m in Marketing & Communications by day and a Retro Press super helper by night. I graduated in Design with a specialism in Photography, so I love it when Kate asks me to lend a hand in styling and photographing her handy work. 

I feel very lucky to be a part of Retro, and I too share the same ethos as Kate – that your stationery should be all about YOU.

As for me?

Well – My passion is analogue photography, I can get a little obsessed with most HBO boxsets (the end of GIRLS has been a tough time), fizzy cola bottles are the way to my heart (in spite of the fact that I’m not a 10-year-old) and I would spend my entire day on Spotify if I had the choice. I’m longing for this studio puppy to arrive that Kate keeps promising! Oh, and it probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that I much prefer to be behind the camera – rather than in front! 



Hi! I’m Lewi, the newest, naughtiest, and most importantly, cutest member of the Retro Press team.

I’d love to say I share the same ethos as my Mum regarding the business, but honestly? I don’t even know what she does! All I know is that the invites are really fun to rip up, the twine’s really good to unravel, and the coffee smells great, but I burn my nose every time I get too close to her mug!

I plan on being at most wedding events, meetings, and feature on almost all social media posts – so be prepared to see a lot of my adorable face! When you first meet me – if you say ‘Kisses Kisses’ … I’ll be sure to plant a big smacker right on the lips! (it’s really cute I promise, and I always brush my teeth before I leave the house). I love watching Game of Thrones … something about the music just hits the spot … ‘Dooo Do Dudududoooooo…’ Oh, and the way to my heart is food – no specifics – just anything edible – in fact actually it doesn’t even have to be edible! 

For any enquiries... Don't ask me!